Setting up your System

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Transcript Setting up your System

Setting up your System
• Required Software
• Flip and flop servers at OSU
• Using WinSCP
• Using Putty
• Using ssh, scp from Linux terminal
Required Software
• This course requires Linux shell for all the
• With MacOS and Linux, the shell is in-built
• For Windows OS use
– WinSCP/Cyberduck: Transfer files via SCP, FTP
– Putty: Free terminal client
• Other frequently used software – Cygwin, virtual box,
cyberduck (file transfer tool for Mac and Windows).
• Perl required for assignment 2 only. Instructions to
install will be given in the assignment page.
• SVN Tools for code hosting (Windows users can use
Tortoise SVN)
Flip and flop servers
• Flip ( – a Linux terminal
server at OSU.
– Accessible from anywhere using a SSH client.
• Flop ( – Linux terminal
server at OSU.
– Accessible from anywhere using a SSH client.
• Other servers at OSU
– (both flip and flop
connect to this)
• All these servers uses your ENGR credentials
except for shell.onid.
Using WinSCP
• Free software (only for Windows) for file
transfer via SCP, FTP, SFTP.
• To transfer files to the flip server
• Files can be transferred by drag and drop.
• Software also features a basic linux terminal
which executes the commands in the server.
Using Putty
Using ssh from terminal
• Ssh command is in-built in the linux terminal
• It can be used to connect to a server remotely
via terminal
• Usage: ssh [email protected]
• Example:
[email protected]
Using scp
• Scp is to securely copy files from local machine
to server directory and vice versa.
• Usage:
scp path-to-file [email protected]:/path-to-file (for
transferring file from local to server)
• Example:
scp /home/Desktop/file1 [email protected]:~/Files/