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Alliance Integrator

Kris Vanholst SWIFT Product Management Pat Antonacci SWIFT Consulting Services Anna Ngai Bank of Montreal

Agenda • About Alliance Integrator • Integrator Releases & Support • What is new in Integrator 7.0

• Consulting Services • The BMO Integrator experience

About Alliance Integrator

The Framework

Transform File & FTP Business Data Database Business Application

Queuing & Message

Business Data SOAP Translate Alliance Validate Integrator Copy AFT SWIFT Messaging SWIFT Messaging


SOAP Alliance Access / Entry Web Platform

Integrator releases

Integrator 7.0 now available

• General availability date – 24 June 2011 • Mandatory release • Install by 30 September 2012 • Works with Alliance Access 7.0 and Alliance Entry 7.0

• Upgrade path





Support • Integrator 7.0 will be supported by SWIFT at least through December 2016 including: – The Integrator software – The underlying Java CAPS 6.3 software and any other embedded software – Standards releases and other standards components (translations, validations, schemas) • SWIFT supports the underlying Java CAPS 6.3 (GlassFish, NetBeans) for this period, and is backed by Oracle • Alliance Integrator Care option available for custom software

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Semantic Validation for FIN Messages

Rules available on request

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Duplicate Check

• Any data • MT or MX • ToSWIFT • FromSWIFT • Reject or mark as duplicate

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Export Configuration Data by Customer

Integrator Test Integrator Prod.

Customer 2 Configuration

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

A quick read of other items

• FileAct via SOAP and MQHA (in combination with Access) • Support for SWIFTNet copying and distribution features • Real-time File Get Request • Native user management • Encoded and compressed messages • Connectivity to Alliance Entry 7.0

• Validation of Block 4 before conversion to MT • Central site qualification • Other enhancements and bugfixes

Consulting Services

Supporting your initiatives and priorities

Capitalise on your existing SWIFT infrastructure Implement best-practices Efficiently manage SWIFT operations Ease implementation of Industry initiatives Maximise STP and reduce back-office processing costs Get valuable market insights and benchmarking

License to believe 450+ Projects 350+ Clients 75+ Countries Average satisfaction rating of above 4.5/5.0

35 members and growing 15 years average experience Access to 2,000 + SWIFT specialists Partners

The BMO Integrator experience

Anna Ngai Technology Head Technology Development Capital Markets & Risk Management BMO Financial Group

The challenge • Reduce impact of SWIFT changes to the BESS payments engine • Enhance the bank’s readiness to the new XML based and ISO 20022 messaging • Ensure long term support for SWIFT messaging • Reduce dependency on legacy code and skills Objective Remove “pure” SWIFT wireroom functionality out of the current payments engine

The solution – A new WireRoom Application (WRAP)

Why did we decide on Integrator & SWIFT …

• Improved Time to market for integration • Reduced project and operational risk • Leverage on a proven solution • We needed a vendor to rely on, with good track record - To assist initially and for the long term Consulting Services Alliance Integrator

The solution – A new WireRoom Application (WRAP)

Some Internal Objectives …

• Standardise internal interfaces using a single interfacing method (MQ GI) • Minimise impact to interfacing systems • Avoid “first timer” mistakes • Thru-put target: 1/3rd of the day’s volume in < 1Hr

WRAP components

SWIFT Alliance family of products

• SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) • SWIFT Alliance Integrator (SAI) • SWIFT Alliance Gateway (SAG)

Interfaces Real Time Interfaces

Payments, Securities, Trade Finance, Capital Markets Settlements & Confirmations, Etc.

File based Gateway Hub

Sent & Received Statements, and various other files

Third party solutions

• Reporting tool for SAA • Scanning Agent

MX based messaging


WRAP Context User Access

SAI (SA Integrator) 3 rd Party Scanning Agent

Hit Reviews Web Client

SAA (SA Access) SAG (SA Gateway) HSM 3 rd Party Reporting Module Thin Client Thick Client

SA Messanger (SAM) SA Workstation (SAW)


Viewer Operational Database Repository

(Reports & Extracts) Reconciliation, Conf Matching, Transaction Monitoring (AML), & Regulatory, etc.

E-mail alerts

Lessons learned


• Install and environment complexity, Trip-time increase • Multi-threaded architecture & “SAI enforced” validation


• Project: Risk, Cost, Performance and Time to market!

• Significant thru-put improvement (~3x) • Well positioned for MX migration

Critical success factors

• Reduce risk by phased implementations • Thorough Functional & Non-Functional testing • SWIFT Professional Services • A GREAT internal team !!!

Q&A ?

Thank you


General Information

Platforms / Environments

• Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition and Standard edition • Oracle Solaris 10 Hardware revision 10/09 • AIX v6.1 Technology Level 04 with SP3 • AIX v6.1 Technology Level 06 with SP2 • Virtual environments per Alliance policy • References – –

OS Levels and Patches Baseline for SWIFTNet 7.0

Alliance Access Product Family - Compatibility Matrix

Alliance Integrator 7.0 Release Letter

• If using MQHA – IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0.1

– IBM WebSphere MQ (recommended)

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Native user management

• No Oracle Access Manager (Windows and Solaris) X • Native user management – User roles – Password policies – Re-use existing user data from Integrator 2.1 (not passwords)

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Copying and Distribution

• Support for SWIFTNet 7.0 copying and distribution features – Appropriate acknowledgement reconciliation – Status monitoring SWIFT


What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Connectivity to Alliance Entry 7.0

• File transfer • xmlV2 Integrator



What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

FileAct via SOAP and MQHA

File Transfer MQHA SOAP FIN

  


  


   Access only!

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Real-Time File Get Request

• WSDL and schemas provided • Sample code provided • Process file using normal FromSWIFT flow

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Encoded and Compressed Messages

• For processing TransmissionReport from InterAct – If intervention present • Document built • Content unzipped • Base64 content de-coded

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Validation of block 4 for conversion to MT

Detect illegal characters!

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Central Site Qualification

• Testing scenarios completed for central site – Special central site messages – Special acknowledgements

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Other Functional Enhancements

• Knowledge base tip 3001097 – Length of Text field for events in Event Log increased to 80 characters – MT-XML conversion, Validate XML content setting is introduced in SendToSWIFT transaction step – SOAPHA connectivity extended to allow server authentication – sai_semval command uses the zipfile content to load semantic validation rules

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

Resolved Problems

• Knowledge base tip 3000747 – Change in sai_msgsvc command line tool – Fix for change view results – Document search values swapped – Example FileAct file format fixed – Support for non-self-contained MX schemas – Block 3 113 and 115 fields copied to xmlV2 after pre-processing (ToSWIFT flow) – Identifier for documents need not be unique across customers of for File Document types – Adding customer causes log event – Change to sai_msgsvc -addsvc – Deactivation of db recovery resets Oracle force logging to original – JMS looping for faulty message fixed – Namespaces in xmlV2

What’s New in Integrator 7.0?

More Translation

Available Now!

Investment Funds (see knowledge base tip 3001081 )

Planned Corporate Actions (for SR2011?) Others TBD