Scottish Context

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Scotland … evolving
Graham Allan
University of the West of Scotland
Scotland – policy
• CIAG in Scotland, A Framework for Service Redesign and
Improvement (2011)
‘The Scottish Government is committed to all-age,
universal Career IAG, with more and better support for those
who need it most … especially for those who may struggle to
get, stay and progress in work’
• Opportunities for All (2012) – a place in learning or training for all
16-19 year olds not in EET
‘Where young people feel they may not yet be ready to
engage in formal learning, local authorities and their partners
should consider offering an Activity Agreement’
Scotland – policy
Wood Commission (2013) Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce Interim Report
– enhanced employer role in vocational learning in schools; start careers work
earlier; support modern apprenticeships
‘There is a very strong focus in our report on the importance of business and industry
working with schools and colleges as a key factor in ensuring young people are more
prepared for employment and better informed in career choice’
‘There is a strong case to provide careers advice and knowledge of the world of work
significantly earlier than the present S4 onward. Skills Development Scotland, working
with schools and local authorities, should aim to provide some early careers advice
and world of work knowledge in S1 and S3’
Modern apprenticeships should have ‘… a particular focus on STEM
opportunities [and include] SME's’
= National Careers Council, An Aspirational Nation (2013)
Scotland - education
• Curriculum for Excellence (Scottish Government) – includes
cross curricular theme to develop Skills for Learning, Skills
for Life and Skills for Work ie delivery of career education
through the curriculum … but still much work to be done to
underpin this with career related learning resources
particularly for the senior school
= ACEG Framework (2012)
• Career Management Skills Framework (SDS) – schools are
expected to deliver lessons to develop career management
skills while SDS will focus its attention on working with
specific groups with specific issues, but… ‘career
uncertainty should be a marker of the need for personal
contact with a careers adviser’ (CES Research paper)
Scotland - practice
• SDS heavily promoting its web-based offer: My World of
= National Careers Service; DfE Careers Guidance Action Plan (2013)
• SDS develop a ‘coaching’ approach to supporting those
most in need: career coach in school/ work coach post
• Employability and partnership eg young people negotiating
Activity Agreements (local authorities), Employability Fund
to fund individualised training (SDS), Community Planning
Partnerships to manage local responses to youth
unemployment and training
Other bits of the jigsaw…
Closer partnership working between SDS and JobCentre Plus (PACE initiative –
Partnership Action for Continuing Employment)
Education Scotland (HMI) – will conduct external evaluation of the quality and
effectiveness of CIAG provision of SDS
= Ofsted Report, Going in the Right Direction? (2013)
New Regional Colleges – college amalgamations/ focus on employability and needs
of regional economies … whither career guidance
Higher Education – employability and Matrix
‘A Qualifications and CPD Framework for the Career Development Workforce in
Scotland’: Pg Diploma/ QCGD identified as the ‘core’ qualification for the career
guidance practitioner in Scotland; Postgraduate Benchmark updated in 2013 to
reflect changes in job roles and context; SDS significant sponsor of distance
learning students as key workers become career guidance practitioners (work
Room for development
Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce (2013) Interim Report of the Wood Commission.
Education Scotland (2009) Curriculum for Excellence: Building the Curriculum 4 Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills
for Work. Livingston: Education Scotland.
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Centre for Educational Sociology, Briefing No 56, October 2011.
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and Improvement. Edinburgh: Scottish Government.
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Scottish Government (November 2012) Opportunities for All: Supporting all young people to participate in post-16
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