GT PTO PowerPoint - Klein Independent School District

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Transcript GT PTO PowerPoint - Klein Independent School District

Benfer Elementary
November 18, 2014
3:30 – 4:30
Principal – Dr. Loraine Lambert
Assistant Principal – Jennifer Williams
School Counselor – Meghan Blakey
Campus GT Liaison – Karen Jones
District GT Liaison – Chris Winkler
GT Teachers –
1st – Britann Pallavicini
2nd – Tameka Richardson & Heidi Smith
3rd – Patty Hall & Kimberlee Slaughter
4th – DeLin Konicki & Claudia Smith
5th – Karen Jones
GT Parent Communication Letters
• These will go home with report cards every 9
• The PCL is to inform you of the differentiation
and extension opportunities & activities that
were provided during the 9 weeks period.
• The PCL also gives the students a chance to
reflect on those opportunities and activities.
• Should you have any questions, please contact
your child’s teacher.
Duke TIP
• Duke University’s Talent Identification Program
-All GT students in grades 4-6 are eligible.
• Enrollment is going on now and continues
throughout the year.
• Please see for more
information and registration.
• Our school code is 813664-BH.
Texas Performance Standards Project
• Independent research project completed by all
GT students in grades 1 – 12
•Teacher uses Independent Investigations Model
(IIM) or other structured research model to guide
students through TPSP process in class
•Some portions of the project may be done at
September: Explore with an Open Mind
Students can integrate new information and
ideas to existing knowledge and ideas.
1.Choose a task/project and identify its
2.Narrow down interest
3.Begin a list of tentative sources
October: Build the Foundation
Students will have a solid understanding
of their interest and audience
1.Develop question that explore depth
2.Use note-taking strategies to answer
November/December: Develop a Plan of
Students will identify a purpose for their
research that is relevant to the world around
1.Develop questions that explore complexity
2.Understand and complete a research
3.Identify a burning question that could impact
you and the world around you.
January: Gather Data
Students will use a variety of methods
and resources to collect information.
1.Chose methods and collect information
2. Observations, surveys, interviews,
document analysis
February/March: Organize, Analyze, &
Students will sort data and make connections across
time, location, culture, and subject areas to create new
1. Identify and represent patterns and trends from
collected data
2. Create visual representations which communicate big
ideas, conclusions, and different perspectives.
3. Determine if more data collection is needed based on
conflicting or ambiguous data
May: Share Findings
Students will effectively communicate the results of
their research.
1. Create a 10 minute presentation that communicates
the research question, sources of information, data
collection & analysis, product, and conclusions
2. Refine presentation to include language of the
3. Practice Presentation
4. Campus TPSP Showcase – date TBA
5. District TPSP Showcase – all of 4th grade; 2 from all
other grade levels – date TBA
TPSP Websites (TPSP homepage)
9a.html (state law for GT student services)
ome (homepage)
psp (Klein site for TPSP)