Title III at FSU - An Overview - Fayetteville State University

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Transcript Title III at FSU - An Overview - Fayetteville State University

An Overview
Tendai (Paula) Johnson
Presentation Outline
 What Title III is
 How the grant award is determined
 What kinds of activities are allowable
 New Title III efforts
 What Title III supports in 2009-10
 How it supports FSU and BOG strategic priorities
What Title III Is
 Federally funded program
 Administrative Unit= Institutional Development and
Undergraduate Education Service, Office of PostSecondary Education, Department of Education
 Authorized in Higher Education Act 1965
 Title IIIB Strengthening Historically Black Colleges
and Universities
Strengthening Black Colleges and
 Focus areas are to establish or strengthen HBCUs in
the following areas:
 Physical plants
 Financial management
 Academic Resources
 Endowments
What Kinds of Activities Are Allowable
to support improvements in educational quality, management and financial stability
 Purchase, rental, or lease of equipment for educational
Construction, renovation, maintenance in
instructional facilities to include telecommunications
technology equipment and services
Faculty development and exchanges
Academic instruction in underrepresented disciplines
Purchase of library materials
Tutoring and student service programs
What Kinds of Activities Are Allowable continued…..
 Funds and administrative management
 Joint use of facilities (laboratories and libraries)
 Improvement of development office
 Enhancement of teacher education
 Establishment of community outreach programs
 Acquisition of real property (new)
 Financial Literacy education (new)
 Services for the implementation of projects or activities (new)
How the Grant Award Is Determined
 Number of Pell recipients
 Number of FSU graduates
= 50%
= 25%
 Number of FSU graduates
going to graduate or professional
school within 5 years of graduation
from FSU
= 25%
New Efforts
 College Cost Reduction Act Allocation (CCRAA) ended
with 2nd year
 New Grant SAFRA
 Based on same formula as TIII B
 Focus on STEM and Teacher Education Programs
 What it has meant for FSU
 $1,215,000 in additional funding 1st year
 $1,306,578 in additional funding 2nd year
 $1,259, 539 New Funding now called SAFRA
New Efforts
 CCRAA becomes SAFRA/Mandated Funds in 2010-11
 Funding continues for 10 years according to legislation
 2019-11 marks beginning of new cycle
 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) required to
frame 5 year plan
 Same LAAs as Title III undergrad program
New Efforts
 FSU is included in Master’s Degree Program
 FSU named in legislative approval of HEA (2008)
 Program funded for 6 years beginning August 2009
 $500,000 per year
 What it means for FSU
 Support for STEM related graduate programs
 Capacity building
 Scholarships
 Infrastructure building
Title III Activities and Directors
Enhancing Student Success through Outreach Engagement
and Academic Enrichment and Support
Faculty and Staff development
Achieving Academic Excellence through Specialized
Internationalizing the Curriculum
Enhancing and Strengthening the Foreign Language Lab
Strengthening Campus Information Services`
John Brooks
Perry Massey
Yunkai Chen
Yali Li
Strengthening and Enhancing Library Services
Bobby Wynn
Writing Across the Curriculum
Sonya Brown
Strengthening University Testing Services and Assessment
Reading Across the Curriculum
Alvis Moore
Title III Activities and Directors
Enhancing and Strengthening the Office of Sponsored
David Camps
School of Education Academic Advisement and Retention
Center (SOEAARC)
Shari Willis
Librarian/Faculty information Literacy Collaborative
Bobby Wynn
Continued Enhancement of Telecommunications Media
Todd Frobish
Enhancing Student Support through a Student Services
Tavoria Wax
Career Services Technology and Professional Development Helene
Integration Initiative
Strengthening the Effectiveness of the Office of
Institutional Advancement
Arthur Affleck
Center for Community Justice and Service Learning
Melissa Barlow
Title III Activities and Directors
Center for Promoting STEM Education and Research
Project Administration and Evaluation
Tendai (Paula)
Title III-Unspent Funds Activities and Directors
Master’s Degree Program
Continued Enhancement of the
Telecommunications Media Center
Todd Frobish
Renovations fro
Rudy Cardenas
Enhancement of Campus
Administrative Systems
David Beach
Master’s Degree Program
LaDelle Olion/Doreen Hilton
Title III and Related Program Funding
Title III Undergraduate
Unspent Funds
$ 270,500
Master’s Degree Program
$ 500,000