Solve Equations Word Problems Examples

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Solve Equations Word Problems

 A school has $6500 budgeted for textbooks. The principal wants to buy 120 new geography textbooks for $39.95 each. How much money will be left in the textbook budget after the purchase?

Use the formula I = prt

 Find the interest after two years at 5% with a principal deposit of $1000.

Use I = prt

 How much would need to be deposited to gain an interest of $75 at a rate of 3% over five years?


 Mr. Thomsen plans to purchase a used car priced at $8400. He will receive a 15% employee discount and then will have to pay a 5.5% sales tax. What will be the final price of the car?


 Bill Gutierrez drove at a speed of 65mph for two hours. He then drove for 1.5 hours at a speed of 45mph. What was his average speed?


 Chocolate chip cookies sell for $6.95 per pound and white chocolate cookies for $5.95 per pound. How many pounds of chocolate chip cookies should be mixed with 4 pounds of white chocolate cookies to obtain a mixture that sells for $6.75 per pound.


 Two cyclists begin traveling in opposite directions on a circular bike trail that is 5 miles long. One cyclist travels 12 miles per hour, and the other travels 18 miles per hour. How long will it be before they meet?

#13 on homework

 In Mrs. Martinez’s science class, a test is worth three times as much as a quiz. If a student has test grades of 85 and 92 and quiz grades of 82, 75, and 95, what is the student’s average grade?

Number 14

 At Westbridge High School, a student’s grade point average is based on the student’s grade and the classs credit rating. Brittany’s grades for this quarter are shown. Find Brittany’s GPA if a grade of A equals

Class Credit Rating Grade

4 and a B equals 3.

Algebra 1 A Science 1 A English Spanish 1 1 B A Music 1/2 B

Number 15-18

 In 2005, the international price of gold was $432 per ounce, and the international price of silver was $7.35 per ounce. Suppose gold and silver were mixed to obtain 15 ounces of an alloy worth $177.21 per ounce.

 15. copy and complete the table below.

# of ounces $ per ounce value

Gold Silver Alloy g 15-g

16. Write an equation to represent the problem.


How much gold was used in the alloy?


How much silver was used in the alloy?

Number 19

 The Madison High School marching band sold solid-color gift wrap for $4 per roll and print gift wrap for $6 per roll. The total number of rolls sold was 480, and the amount of money collected was $2340. How many rolls of each kind of gift wrap were sold?

Number 20-23

Party Supplies Inc. sells metallic balloons for $2 each and helium balloons for $3.50 per dozen. Yesterday, they sold 36 more metallic balloons than dozens of helium balloons. The total sales for both types of balloons were $281.00. 20.Copy and complete the table representing the problem.

Number Price Total Price

Metallic Dozens of Helium

21. Write an equation to represent the problem.


How many metallic balloons were sold?


How many dozen helium balloons were sold?

Number 24

 Lakeisha spent $4.57 on color copies and black-and-white copies for her project. She made 7 more black-and-white copies than color copies. How many color copies did she make?

Type of copy Cost per page

color $0.44

Black-and-white $0.07