Faith Christian Academy Home School Program

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Transcript Faith Christian Academy Home School Program

Faith Christian Academy
Home School Program
Overview of the Program
Dr. Andrew E. Rumbaugh, Ed.D.
Mrs. Trena Meehan, M.Ed.
Secondary Principal
Mrs. Cindy Shoaf
8th through 12th grades
Mrs. Barbara Hardiman
Kindergarten through 7th grade
Benefits of Home Schooling Through
Faith Christian Academy
Athletics w/fees
Field Trips
Band w/fees
• College Prep and
• FCA Diploma
• National Testing
Home School Policies
• Students who desire to participate in the home school program at Faith
Christian Academy must complete the application materials and submit
them to the school office. The immunization record and an official
transcript must be submitted as part of the enrollment materials.
• The home school year is based on 180 calendar days of school.
• There will be quarterly meetings with Mrs. Barbara Hardiman, (K - 7) or
Cindy Shoaf (8th – 12th) to assist you with your student’s progress. One
parent is required to attend a minimum of three quarterly meetings.
• Standardized Testing is required of all students at FCA.
National tests for high school students are typically scheduled in the fall.
Elementary and middle school students are typically tested in the spring of
the school year.
Home School Policies
Financial Responsibilities
• All students who attend Faith Christian
Academy are required to meet with Mr. Ron
West in the finance department to make
payment arrangements.
• Enrollment will not be finalized until all
financial obligations are complete. This means
that FLVS courses will not be approved until
financial arrangements have been made with
Mr. West.
Home School Policies
On and Off School Campus
• Students who are enrolled as part of the
homeschooling program at FCA are expected to
follow the policies listed in the Faith Christian
Academy Parent/Student Handbook while on
and off the school campus.
• Any student who participates in a school
sponsored events (i.e. sports, clubs and/or trips)
is still a representative of FCA and must model
and demonstrate the standards of moral conduct.
Home School Policies
While on Campus
• The policies are expected to be honored and
followed by all students.
• Home schooled students must be in school
uniform at all times while on campus.
• Clothing can be bought through Sunshine
• Hair length for boys as described in the
Parent/Student Handbook must be followed.
• Parents of elementary school age children must
be present with their child for Chapel.
FCA Required Courses
9th through 12th Grades
Kindergarten through 8th
Social Studies
English (4)
Math (4)
Science (4)
History (3)
Bible (4)
Foreign Language (3)
Personal Finances (0.5)
Life Management (0.5)
P.E. (0.5)
Home School Policies
Monthly Reports and Portfolios
• Academic reports are to be submitted by the 5th of
each month. A $25.00 late fee will be added to all
accounts that have submitted reports after the due
• Semi-annual portfolios are due no later than
January 15th and June 15th. A $25.00 late fee will
be assessed to all accounts that have not submitted
the portfolio on or before the due date.
Home School Curriculum
Florida Virtual School (FLVS)
Bob Jones
A Highlight of Planned Field Trips
• Sea World
Kindergarten & 2nd Grade
• Orlando Science
Center/Green Meadows
• Library
• Animal Kingdom
3rd Grade
5th Grade
• Shakespeare Center/ MOSI
6th Grade
• Medieval Times
7th, 8th & 12 Grades
• UCF Forensic Lab
10th Grade
• Holy Land Experience
11th & 2nd Grades
Plus many more…
7th Grade Trip November 4-6, 2013
Washington, D.C.
8th and 9th Grade Trip
March 30th – April 6th 2014
London, Paris & Berlin
March 8 – March 16, 2014
Open to 6th grade and up.
6th through 8th
must have a chaperone.
9th through 12th
does not need a chaperone.
To sign up go to:
Senior Trip to SnowBird, N.C.
March 23-29, 2014
Sports offered to FCA
and Home School Students
Track and Field
Basket Ball
2013 - 2014 Volleyball Season
Middle School, JV & Varsity Volleyball Tryout Dates
• Monday, August 12th and Tuesday, August 13th
• Middle School and Varsity tryouts from 3:45pm – 6:00pm
@ the Goldenrod Campus
• JV Tryouts from 5:00PM – 7:00PM @ the Goldenrod
4th - 6th Grade Volleyball Tryout Dates To Determine Teams
• Monday, August 19th and Tuesday, August 20th
• 3:15PM – 5:15PM @ Curry Ford Gym
• Varsity Football Begins
August 8th, 4:00 at Goldenrod Campus
• Middle School Football Begins
August 14th (right after school)
Track and Field
• K3 thru 5th Grade Track & Field – Dreadhead Sports
• Registration cost $125 Deadline for Faith Christian
Academy Students is September 5th . You Must
Register On-Line at
• All K3 thru 5th Grade Students wishing to participate in
Track & Field must register through the Dreadhead
website posted above.
• Practice will be held every Wednesday starting on
September 11th thru October 30th from 2:45pm to
Kindergarten through 7th grade
Barbara Hardiman – [email protected]
8th grade through 12th grade
Cindy Shoaf – [email protected]
Web Site
School Office Number (407) 275-8031
Thank you for coming tonight.
If you have any questions please feel
free to meet with us after, otherwise
please e-mail or call Mrs. Hardiman
for K -7th or Mrs. Shoaf for 8th – 12th