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Out of Balance?
Do you experience?
• Insomnia
• Foggy thinking
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Anxiety
• Irritability
• Depression?
Hormones Regulate
How do hormones become
•Stress – depletes progesterone
Chemicals in the Environment
Influence the Entire
Endocrine System
It’s A Balancing Act!
• Estrogen
Role of Estrogen
Increases body fat and weight gain
Salt and fluid retention
Depression, anxiety, headaches
Poor sleep patterns
Interferes with thyroid hormone
Impairs blood sugar control
Increases risk of breast cancer
Increases risk of prostate cancer
Role Progesterone
Helps use fat for energy
Protects against breast fibrocysts
Acts as a natural diuretic
Acts as a natural anti-depressant and calms anxiety
Prevents cyclic migraines
Promotes normal sleep patterns
Facilitates thyroid function
Helps normalize blood sugar levels
Helps restore normal libido
Stimulates new bone formulation
Prevents auto-immune diseases
Helps prevent breast cancer
Environmental chemicals mimic estrogen!
Endocrine Disruptors
• Are chemicals found in:
– Plastics
– Personal care products
Phthalates – soaps, shampoos, perfumes
hairspray, nail polish
Parabens – Used as perservatives in
makeup, skincare, etc.
• In a 2005 Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention report it was found that
Americans of all ages contain an average of
148 synthetic chemicals.
• Experts estimate that 40 million pounds of
hormonally active chemicals are produced
in this country per annum, with 2000 new
varieties introduced to market each year.
Think About It?
• The average person uses 10
personal care products a day
(shampoo, conditioner, deodorant,
hair spray, shaving cream, moisturizers,
Symptoms of Estrogen
Hot Flashes
Irregular Periods
Heavy Periods
Disturbed Sleep
Thyroid Dysfunction
Unexplained Weight Gain
Dry Skin
Fluid Retention
Vaginal Dryness
Night Sweats
Decreased Libido
Breast Cancer
How do I attract
Healthy Hormones?
1.) Use Skincare Products FREE of:
• Parabens
Propylene Glycol
Mineral Oil
• Only 11% of the 10,500 chemicals in
cosmetics have been tested for safety
• According to the Environmental Protection
Agency 60% of what you put on your skin
enters you blood stream and every organ in
your body in 26 seconds.
2. Choose your food intelligently
• Eat organic as much as possible
• Livestock are fattened up with estrogen
• Cows are treated with artificial growth hormones to
produce more milk (cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt etc.).
Choose dairy products from cows free of rSBT
3.) Take Full Spectrum Multi/Vitamin
formulated to
• ORAC= Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity
(a scale that measure antioxidant activity)
The ORAC score of Power Packs are 1000
Gender Specific
It’s not how much it contains
it’s how much you absorb!
4. Take Omega 3
Essential Fatty Acids
It is estimated that over 80% of the US population is deficient in omega 3
essential fatty acids
Omega 3’s help to balance hormones that can cause PMS.
Omega 3’s help to ward off symptoms associated with menopause such as
osteoporosis, heart disease, vaginal dryness, thinning skin and hair, joint pain
and dry eyes
A diet high in omega-3’s may be one of the reasons why Japanese women
have fewer menopausal problems than American women do
Why plant based omega 3 and not fish oil?
Endocrine disruptors and heavy metals magnify in the food chain. Large deep
water “fatty” fish like tuna may contain high levels of synthetic chemicals and
heavy metals.
5. Support Your Detox System
• Detox blood, kidney, liver, bowel
– 7 Day Body Cleanse
• Sea botanicals contain chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and
enzymes that help alkalize and purify the blood.
– Detox Tea
• Contain herbs that help detox the liver and kidneys
• The liver helps to clear stress hormones
• 6. Increase fiber intake!
– Excess estrogen is removed through the bowel
• Drink beverages that are alkalizing and contain green tea
and 90 mg EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) a powerful,
detoxifying anti-oxidant
– EGCG protects the heart, brain and blood
– EGCG has anti-cancer properties
– EGCG promotes fat burning
• The body maintains optimal balance in a slightly alkaline
8.) Use a progesterone cream to
balance estrogen
• The most effective way to use natural progesterone is
in a trans-dermal cream that supplys 20 mg of
progesterone per ¼ tsp dose.
• The BEST products are in a ¼ tsp air-tight metered
pump to maintain potency.
– Phyto Prolief for menopause
– Prolief for men and women
– Ask for Instruction Sheet
Progesterone Prevents Cancer
• A 1996 John’s Hopkins study
concluded that women low in natural
progesterone have an 80% higher risk
of developing breast cancer and that
the risk of developing other malignant
cancers increases ten-fold.
No Side Effects
• There are no known side effects of progesterone.
Very large doses can cause sleepiness or
sluggishness. Progesterone is a relaxing hormone.
• Stress depletes progesterone stores.
The more stress you experience the more
progesterone you need.
9. Take an Herbal Supplement
• For a comfortable transition through
• Key herbs help to manage
– Hot Flashes
– Night Sweats
– Mood Swings
– Irritability
MEN need progesterone too!
• Research Studies have shown that when
prostate cells are exposed to estrogen, the
cells proliferate and become cancerous.
When progesterone was added, cancer
cells die.