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Community Housing Cymru
Regeneration through attaining the
WHQS Environmental Standard
- more than just trees and flowers
Matt Stowe – Environmental Development Officer
Owen Veldhuizen – Senior Tenant Engagement Officer
23rd July 2013
Defining the Environment
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Site Selection
 Identify potential sites for
environmental improvements
 Consistent, comprehensive
and non-discriminatory
 Points based to determine
site priority
 Tool that can be re-used to
identify future sites
Scoring System
Environmental Landscape Assessment Matrix
Community Mapping
 Historical Background
 Accommodation Types
 Green Infrastructure
 Tenant Demographics
 Use of Communal Areas
 Needs of Tenants
 Amenities Mapping
Tenant Demographics
Tenant Demographics
Green Infrastructure Network
Community Consultation
Consultation Method
Consultation Results
Community Solutions
Play Provision
Our Vision
Entrance to Swn y Don (Proposed)
Llwybr Croeso
a Carreg Peulwys
Entrance to Swn y Don
Pedestrian access and symbolic entrance to estate.
Aesthetically pleasing, landscaped footpath to the estate. Proposed paving
layout follows the natural pedestrian direction, to use resin bonded permeable
surfacing. Path to cut gently into sloping ground to eliminate the requirement
for steps and provide easy access for prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs alike..
Planting to partially screen nearby walls and housing, complimented by two
planting beds offset either side of path to create added interest and soften the
open space. Access to roadside is divided by a large limestone boulder
inscribed to read “Croeso i Parc Peulwys” to provide a focal point.
Design Considerations
Carreg Peulwys
The Peulwys Stone, mined from the nearby Llysfaen quarry provides a
welcoming focal point and educational feature. An embedded plaque on the
reverse side tells a story of the stones journey, from its initial creation millions
of years ago to its recent extraction, and new resting place.
Entrance to Swn y Don (Existing)
Proposed path follows the natural pedestrian desire line
Provides enhanced pedestrian access to roadside pavement
Accessible to all users
Hard wearing non-slip paving surface
Use of defensive planting adjacent to residential buildings
SUDS compliant paving material
Easily maintainable
Cost effective long life design
Use of native species in planting scheme to encourage wildlife
Safe & Welcoming
Aesthetically pleasing with good visibility throughout scheme
Creates a bespoke identity for the estate
Emphasis on planting softens and screens hard features
Limestone feature informs about geology, local history etc.
Carreg Peulwys has relevance regarding local trade and industry
Llwybr Croesoa Carreg Peulwys
A large immoveable rock reflects the permanence of the estate
Benefits of large scale planting
• Reduction in ASB
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Consistent rental income
• Educational opportunities
• Alleviates storm water run-off
• Increase in overall property values
• Increased social pride and participation
• Increase biodiversity by providing habitat
• Carbon reduction through sequestration
• Attainment of the WHQS Environmental Standard?
Plant Selection
Additional Projects
• School railings and new sign
• New access paths
• Potential re-surfacing programme
• Fingerpost signs
• Spring bulb planting
• Boulevard tree planting
• Street sign & litter bin reconfiguration
• Tenant training programme
• Woodland Creation
• Peulwys Lane Nature Trail
Training Opportunities
Growing The Extra Mile
• Involving local schools
• Local supplies/labour
• Involve strategic partners
• Friends of Parc Peulwys
Thorns in our side
• Timescales
– Being realistic and expect delays
– Design amendments
– Grant funding
More thorns …
• Financial
– Cost certainty and value engineering
– Partner agency contributions
• Internal approval process
And still more thorns
• Planning Application
– Lack of LA guidance
– Scale of task
– Localised objection
• Highways
– Section 278
Parc Peulwys
Environmental Improvements Project
Matt Stowe [email protected]
Tel: 01492 805539
Owen Veldhuizen [email protected]
Tel: 01492 805530