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SciVal Funding
SciVal Funding is a licensed software product to
help researchers find new funding opportunities,
and to match researchers interests with re.
SciVal Funding can be used in two ways
• Independent website – access on computer
linked to MSU internet.
• Connected to SciVal Experts faculty profile (for
faculty and academic staff)
Finding Funding Opportunities
• Search for funding opportunities – start with Search on top bar
(Advanced) or box next to “Search Funding” (will need to select
citizenship – helps find opportunities available to you – less
 Select fields
 Refined searches with key words: Subject areas, eligibility, citizenship, award
type, award amount, deadline, sponsor issues
 Further refine search – limited submission, etc.
 Can sort by type, amount, deadline, etc.
 Can save a search – log in to SciVal Funding. Need to provide an ID and
password. Can add a search to your favorites
 Can also set alerts that will send e-mail to you about opportunities that may be
of interest to you.
 Can Export data to Excel or print or e-mail a final search or selected parts of the
Learn about Sponsors
Learn about Sponsors by starting with Sponsors
on top bar
 Select from bar on top – Sponsors
 Select sponsor from first letter of name
 Can find subject areas funded, top awardee institutions,
amounts awarded and trends.
 Can save a search – log in to SciVal Funding. Need to
provide an ID and password.
Learn about Prior Awards
Learn about Prior awards by starting with Search on
top bar – use this to see historic view of funding.
Select from bar on top – Search or use search box
Select terms and refinements of programs
Select either awarded grants or inactive opportunities.
Can further refine search
Click on opportunity to learn more about that opportunity
including who else has been funded by this opportunity.
 Can learn about history of funding of this program.
Help in using SciVal Funding
 Home page has three tutorials that can provide further
guidance in using the tool.
o Finding sponsors
o Using awarded grants information
o Creating a search profile - personalize recommendations
 Help button on top bar provides further assistance
o How to search for author publication profile (clicking
publication profile in advance search). Takes you to
publications of that author. Brings in publication profile
for you from Scopus Database.
o More on opportunities and recommendations, searching
o Creating alerts
o Printing emailing and exporting
Setting up your own profile
Based on your personal interests
Select Recommendations from the top navigation bar
Enter your name and a password or create an account
Select search profile from recommendations page.
Add or modify publications to use in finding funding
 Can then see profile overview and finally review
 Can set up additional profiles.
Automatic funding alerts through
Scival Experts – MSU Scholars
For Faculty and Academic Staff
Type in your last name.
Select your profile.
At top select “manage your funding opportunities”
Login via MSU NetID
Select which publications to use in finding funding
 Can modify the dataset
 Set up e-mail alerts – can set frequency.