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Ujjivan Financial Services 2011

Ujjivan in a snap shot

Established in Bangalore in November 2005

Serves 1.1 million customers in 20 states

332 branches & 3800 employees

Loans disbursed Rs.2489 Crores

Loan outstanding Rs. 652 Crores

Repayment Rate – 98.05%

Number of loans disbursed in August: 103,000

Number of repayments processed in August: 800,000

Number of life insurance issued in August: 50,000

MFI’s Standard Loan Transactions

Average Loan size : Rs.15,000

This loan has to be acquired & serviced over a one year tenor

Acquisition & servicing on a weekly or monthly basis is done at customer’s door-step on a person to person basis.

All transactions done in cash.

Maximum interest charged 26% p.a.: Interest revenue – Rs. 1840

Maximum operating expenses over one year of loan- Rs.850

Ujjivan’s Technology Infrastructure

Banker’s Realm. Net Version - Core Banking System

Web based version which provides on line connectivity of 333 branches with centralized back end.

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Requires access to credit bureau for credit approval Allows for outsourcing of data entry to reduce cost Future:

Successfully piloted with Artoo, loan application processing & transacting cash collections from the field using Android Devices.

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