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Ms. Sweis, Librarian
Fall 2014
Used in biological science and other fields of scientific study
Three approaches to documentation:
◦ CSE name-year system: the author of the source is named in the text
and the date is given in parentheses. For ex. (Bran, 2003). Similar to
APA style.
◦ CSE citation-sequence system: each source cited in the paper is
given a number the first time it appears in the text. Anytime the
source is referred to again, the text is marked with the same number.
Reference list is not alphabetical, but in order of citation. For ex.
such as1.
◦ CSE citation-name system: list of references is first put in
alphabetical order and then the entries are numbered in that order.
Numbers are used in the text to cite the sources from the list.
CSE Citations Video
Write down at least two essential points from
the video.
Citations are numbered in the order they
appear in your paper
◦ For example: The most fundamental specialization
of the eusocial insects is the division of colony
members into two castes, workers (functionally
sterile individuals) and reproductives.1
References appear in the order of
appearance, not alphabetical
◦ This research deals with the ABC transporter family
and builds on prior studies by Thacker et al.,1Sheps
et al.,2 and Kerr3.
◦ Modern scientific nomenclature really began with
Linnaeus in botany1, but other disciplines2,3 were
not many years behind in developing various
systems4-7 for nomenclature and symbolization
Book one author:
1992. Bargaining for life: a social history of
tuberculosis. Bates B. Philadelphia:
University of Pennsylvania Press;
Bates B. Bargaining for life: a social history of
tuberculosis. Philadelphia: University of
Pennsylvania Press; 1992.
Journal two authors:
Appl Environ Microbiol.
Necessity of OxyR for the hydrogen peroxide
stress response and full virulence in Ralstonia
solanacearum. Flores-Cruz Z, Allen C.
77(18):6426-6432. 2011;
Flores-Cruz Z, Allen C. Necessity of OxyR
for the hydrogen peroxide stress response
and full virulence in Ralstonia solanacearum.
Appl Environ Microbiol. 2011;77(18):6426-6432.
journal name
Kraft MM. The future of computational modeling
in reaction engineering. Philos. Trans. R.
Soc. London, Ser. A. [Internet]. 2010
[cited 2014 May 12]; 368(1924):3633-3644. JSTOR.
Available from: http://www.jstor.org/stable/25699191
Taylor GR. Integrating quantitative and
qualitative methods in research. 2nd ed.
Landham(MD): University Press; 2005.
place of publication
date of publication
title of journal article
Bandyopadhyay P. The geometric phase and
the spin-statistics relation. Proc. R. Soc. A.
2010; 466(2122):2917-2932.
volume(issue number)
date of publication
abbreviated journal
page numbers
title of webpage
place of publication
Wolfram. Homepage [Internet]. Champaign, IL:
Wolfram; c2014 [cited 2014 May 12].
Available from: http://www.wolfram.com/
date of publication
date cited
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