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In this assignment I will clearly explain the recruitment process that takes place in Thorpe park. And will use a flow chart to explain the various process. I will also be talking about the retention too.

in Thorpe park before a job is to be advertised, it goes through some stages. Firstly the recruiting line manager has to check the job role, and will discuss any changes to be made with the HR, then he passes authorisation to recruit to their senior manager to initiate signature collection. When that is done the senior manager will have to agree and pass it on to HR. the head of HR/HR manager will agree to the job title, the grade and structure. Then it is passed on to the Head of finance he/she will agree to the budget/ salary. And finally it is passed on to the General manager for the final approval. Thorpe park does this to know if its really important to employ someone to take in that position. when all this processes are done the HR team comes next.

If you need someone for a particular job its best for the job to be advertised. Thorpe park jobs advert are done internally (i.e. inside the company.) the advertising is handled by the HR team. they also have to agree the method of advertising for the job with the recruiting line manager. They advertise internally firstly for two weeks and simultaneously conduct talent bank search plus advertise on the website( also they might be someone within the company who might be able to handle the job or who might need a promotion, and also it will saves them time and money. At the same time the HR will explore job specific websites with recruiting line manager. If there is no one internally the recruiting line manager may request HR explores additional advertising channels, e.g. trade/local/national press etc. as a last resort recruiting line manager may request HR engages with a recruitment agency on the PSL. If the sector is not recognised on the PSL. The recruitment manager should identify and negotiate rates with desired agency/agencies. This will cost them a lot of money and time. But if someone is found for the job within the company they will be no need for advertising again. They carry out all this process so they can attract the right persons fit for the job that is advertised.

Total jobs.

 The HR team handles all the applications given in by applicants and after that passes it on to the Recruiting line manager more and also experience. To be suitable for the job.


They do this so as to get the right persons who has the qualification required or

 the recruiting line manager gives all the feed back of the applicants he has successfully picked to the HR , he calls , email, or writes to them informing them if they have been selected for the job. And if they haven't he gives them information why. Thorpe park does this to make sure that they carry out the right process, they call applicants to get them informed on how their applications have been handled, so not to keep them worried.

The HR team arranges interviews with applicants which their applications have been selected. The interview is held by the recruiting line manager a face to face interview. The interview is held so that they get to know how good the applicant is they also want to know how verbally good the person is, how composed he is etc. and if he is good enough to handle the job.

 After the interview is held the HR team they speak to the successful candidates who did well, they offer them the job, tell them when they will start , how much they will be paid etc..Thorpe park carry out all this processes to get the right persons who will fit for the job, because its not an easy task sacking someone, so they try to avoid it by recruiting someone who will fit in.

It is sometimes difficult to find the right employee suitable and fit for a job. It is not an easy task to accomplish when finding the suitable person to take in the position . Thorpe park carries out different process in recruiting its staffs. On the contrary, if these processes are not handled efficiently, the wrong sort of lethargic employee appointments can prove fatal even to the business which is already established. It is very important for the recruiting team in Thorpe park to be absolutely clear on what they expect an employee to be. The skills required for the job should be enumerated as precisely as possible. Transferable skills which the company could use also deserve a mention. It is important for Thorpe park to carry out all this steps because it helps them make better decisions, it will save them money, and will give them a good outcome.  For example: Thorpe park advertises for its jobs internally, they want to find some one inside the organisation who is qualified for the job. They do this in order to save them time and money.   before the job is advertised the HR team the RECRUITNG LINE MANAGER, THE HEAD OF FINANCE, SENIOR MANGER and finally THE GENERAL MANAGER need to agree. It is important for them to go through all this because they need to know if it would be necessary for anyone to fill in the place, the salary that will be available to pay etc. They carry out basic sift to get applicants who are qualified enough for the job and passes it on to the recruiting manager. They sift because they want to get someone who will have much to offer to the organisation, who is experienced and who can handle the job properly.

  I have attached some documents with this presentation. The FIRST document I have attached is an authorisation form, it is a form filled in by the SENIOR MANAGER, HR MANAGER, FINANCIAL CONTROLLER AND THE GENERAL MANAGER. In this form the different managers have to fill in different information's: the position vacant, the advertising requirements, budgeted salary, if its necessary to employ someone to take the job, what kind of skills they want and require. And if at the end they all agree to it they sign it. This documents helps them consider to know if they really need someone to take the job and it helps them to be organised.

The second document is a questionnaire, giving to individuals who fancy working with them. In the questionnaire they are several questions you answer, they are all about Thorpe park. Questions like: if your happy to follow process and procedures?

 retention is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of a project etc.. Employee retention is beneficial for the organization. If a person joins a business and then leaves quickly the business will have to pay the recruitment cost again to get another staff.


Employees are retained for different reasons:  For being loyal    Hard work Confidence in leadership Dedication to work


There are different ways of retaining an employee;  Having contracts with them: extending the time and length of them to stay. Which at times benefits the employee more, because they gain more skill, and get to know new things.

    Wage increase; increasing their salaries, paying them more than the usual. ( financial rewards).

Holidays: the company also retain their staffs by giving them time off from work, they might even pay for the expenses ( the flight ticket, the hotels etc).

Discounts/ benefits; to retain the employee they also offer them discounts in different stores where they shop and get things cheaper like 10% or 20% off.

Sick days: when employee get sick they give them days off, a week etc. and also check on them at times.

  Having them to work in an Interesting environment, so that they would be comfortable doing the work with ease.

Pension; they also arrange to pay employee pension after they leave.

All this ways will motivate the employee to work with them.