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eHR (Human Resource Management System

24 August 2013

eHR - Overview

‘Human resource management’ (HRM) is the art, science and technology of acquiring and engaging a productive workforce. It goes beyond the traditional HR roles of facilitating and managing recruitment, payroll and benefits, and seeks to understand the value of employees; assess their operational effectiveness; and manage the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

When professionally managed, HRM strategies translate directly into increased shareholder value by fully utilizing the collective value of your employee base.

eHR is a customizable and easy to use web based application covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement.

eHR offers the following modules, Recruitment Management System, Human Resource information system (HRIS), Employee self service (ESS), Leave and Attendance Management, Complete Payroll Management along with Taxation management up to Form 16, Claims and reimbursement management, Appraisal Management System, Training management system, Travel management, Time sheet management and many more …….

eHR – Key Benefits

• Develop a single and integrated view of employee information across all departments using IT • Provide timely & reliable management information relating to human resources for effective decision making • Provide tools for forecasting future cash flows of the State in respect of salaries and pensions • Integration with other related applications such as Treasury, Payroll etc. • Provide ‘single window’ services to employees • Reduce administrative overhead for the HR professionals • Provide accurate and unified view of the employees and the employment to the administrators • Provide simple, accurate and timely information to the employees • Reduce the paperwork • Reduce technical complexities related to data management

Component architecture mapping

eHR – Main Modules

• Personnel Management System • Attendance Management • Time sheet management • Leave Management System • Payroll Management • Claim Management System • Income Tax • Promotion and Transfer • Travel Management system • Training • Recruitment • Appraisal Management • Employee Self Service (ESS) • Personnel Management System • Attendance Management • Time sheet management • Claim Management System • Income Tax • Promotion and Transfer • Training • Recruitment Training ESS • Appraisal Management Appraisal MIS • Leave Management System Recruitm ent Travel PMS


Promotion Attendance Claim Time sheet Leave Payroll Income Tex

eHR – Personnel Management

The personal information of each employee is entered. The personal information comprises of  Appointment Details,  Personal details,  Address,   Education & Experience Details, Family Details,   Assets Details , Other Details ,  Medical information etc.

Each type of information can be edited and updated .

The information is available for user through inquiry and printable Reports.

eHR-Attendance Management

• Time incorporation with any type of Attendance reader / biometric devices / thumb impression machine's • Attendance captured through Time in - Time out facility • Attendance captured through Import feature for remote locations • Hierarchy based calendar view for attendance • Fluctuating Shift management for employee's • Flexi Shift management • Holiday application facility in attendance • Employee time management • Features capturing late coming details, early going details, absenteeism details all with just one click!

• Overtime management • Regularization feature for all type of delayed attendance

eHR-Timesheet Management

The timesheet feature allows employees to enter and then submit timesheets containing the number of hours they have worked on specific activities and Sub activities performed on a day. So that full detail of Employee’s work and time devoted in each activity can be maintained. Also Reporting manger or higher authority have rights to approve or reject the Time sheet of Employee.

Also at any Time Employee self or higher authority can view details of timesheet of Employee. This will assist them when making strategic decisions to improve employee productivity and efficiency, and ultimately reduce waste and minimize loss due to employee downtime.

eHR – Leave Management

• Leave type defining as per requirement • Leave rule defining engine for setting the leave rule according to company policy • Balance Information for all leave types • Online access for Leave Application • Online access for Department Head and HR for approval's • Instant access for Leave balance details on your finger tips for all levels • Automatic leave escalation • Leave cancellation request • Encashment application and approval feature • Comp Off Application and approval feature • Comp Off Tracker • Hierarchy based calendar view for leave status • Intelligent leave analyzer • Customizable Leave types • Icon library for instant view for leave status • Real Time Information captured on leaves for your team members

eHR – Payroll Management

• Configurable Salary Head's • Formula Builder • Allocate Structure • Grade / Employee CTC structure • Arrear Management • Variable Pay and Additional variable pay feature • Income Tax Calculation up to Form 16 • Salary Calculation [formula generation] • Coverage of all statutory tax's and compliances • Salary payslip generation and configuration • Salary Lock and Unlock feature • Form 16 Configuration and Income Tax Configuration • Tax projection and Tax deduction • Investment Declaration and Approval • Salary view feature for employee

eHR – Payroll Management

Expression Builder

This is a concept used exclusively by us that is used to make expression to calculate the value of different pay heads in payroll parameters along with in the bonus parameter and in the leave parameter, it allows the user to define the user defined expression for the calculation thus providing full control e.g. if IR is 60% of sum of Basic & DA then expression builder enables user to write expression in the form of IR = (BASIC+DA)*60/100.

Condition Builder

The condition builder again works as the expression builder but it is used for filtering the employees for a particular pay head or leave type, it allows the user to select employees on the basis of employee information, organization information and some more filters like on the basis of some particular months e.g. If a pay head is given in month of May to the employees who are of designation Manager, in urban branch of the organization then condition builder enable the user to write a condition as : Designation = Manager AND BranchType = Urban AND Month = May.

eHR – Claim Reimbursement

Reimbursement management is a part of eHR, employee can submit his Reimbursement against medical, TA, DA, Newspaper, Mobile bill, Petrol etc and send for approval and approving authority can approve/reject same. Then after reports can be generate.


eHR – Income Tax


eHR have a complete Income Tax module with following finicality .

     Define Tax saving investment head Define other Taxable income source master Tax slab parameter defining Income tax calculation according to defined tax slab Generate Form- 16,quarterly and other reports.

eHR – Promotion and Transfer

The complete transfer and promotion module that is efficient for managing various aspects of transfer and promotion of employees. It also manages joining against promotion and joining against transfer.

eHR – Travel Management

eHR have following functionality      Employee can request for tour and forward to his reporting manager Reporting manager can approve/reject subordinate request After returning from tour employee can fill online tour entry form if tour return entry is greater than the plan return date then request automatically goes to reporting manager for approval.

Employee can fill expense sheet against tour Employee and HR can track the tour history with tour reports

eHR – Training

The training module of eHR covers following major functions • Training Need identification: Managers can fill training need for their subordinate.

• Training Calendar: After getting training need from different functions HR will create training calendar and with discussion form trainer.

• Training Announcements: HR will announce the upcoming training for nominations.

• Nomination for training: employee can nominate himself to announced training and forward for approval to reporting manager.

• Training attendance: After training HR will fill attendance of candidate.

• Feedback about Training: After the training every candidate will fill the feedback Form online.

eHR – Recruitment

Complete recruitment process that takes care of all the steps of the recruitment starting from the requirement generation to the joining of employees. All the steps are managed automatically as defined in the parameter for particular designations.

Features include: • Candidate resume repository with history • Archives for future use • Shortlist using resumes parsing to read resumes and keywords • Configurable screening questionnaires • Interview scheduling • Hiring approvals and transferring employees to PIM once hired

eHR – Appraisal Management

Appraisal module with complete workflow process:  HR/ Admin initiates Goal Sheet for the employee  Employee Fills the Goal Sheet –  Reporting Manager fills comments section  Manager Agree with Goal Sheet and sign off  Login as Employee fills Achievement  Submit Goal Sheet to reporting manager  Goal Sheet Sent back to Employee to review by reporting manager  Goal Sheet Sign off  Update Achievement /View Achievement  Fill Appraisal Form  View Appraisal Form  Add Comments by Reporting Manager  View Appraisal Form  Add Comments by reviewing Manager

eHR – Employee Self Services Portal (ESS)

In eHR system every employee will have the user name and password and he /she can login into the ESS (employee self service portal ) and can do following.

        View his/her profile Request to update his/her profile Take salary slip Download Company policies / Form and guidelines View leave balance and apply for leave Send message to other employee Declare his/her Tax savings Submit claim bills etc

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