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Banner HR Upgrade
Faculty Load and Compensation module
Multiple Year Encumbering
Combined Benefits Limits
Support for Internationalization
Multiple Race and Ethnicity entry in EPAFs
Multiple Job processing in a Single EPAF
FMLA Enhancement
Form Changes
Banner General related enhancements
Request for Product Enhancements (RPEs)
• >300 enhancements and/or problem resolutions
• Testing and Upgrade planning
Faculty Load and Compensation
• Automate faculty assignment data from Banner
student to Banner HR
• Access information through Self Service
• Provide faculty oriented view of compensation
details and contract information
New Business Process Flow
Banner Student
Faculty Record
Assignments and Load Data
Banner Human Resources
Employee Information
Extract Process for Compensation
and Calculations, and View
Process rules
and system
New Business Process Flow
Administrator verifies
load, assignments and
completes faculty rates.
Submits for Academic
Administrator and
Academic Executive view
faculty course
compensation summaries
and details.
Academic Executive
revises, approves,
returns and/or locks the
final compensation
Job information is created
and marked as Apply
Faculty member views
and acknowledges
compensation details.
Compensation data is applied
to the Employee Jobs Form
Multiple-Year Encumbering
• Areas affected
• Encumbering
• Effort Certification
• Labor Redistribution
• Changes covered over two consecutive
releases 8.0 and 8.1
Multiple-Year Encumbering
• 8.0 release extends the encumbering
functionality for multiple years
• The process provides a more effective
method to track labor and fringe
encumbrances associated with grant
• Recommend implementing at the end of a
Fiscal Year
Combined Benefit Limits
• Satisfies RPEs: CMS-RPE32584 and
• Track employee
• Annual contribution limit-tracks a total for
deductions and benefits
• Annual compensation limit-tracks a cap limit
for applicable gross associated with a benefit
• Catch-up contributions
• 15-year rule plan
Combined Benefit Limits
• New and updated forms
• PTRBDCL – Benefit/Deduction Combined
Limit Rule Form
• PTRBDCA – Benefit/Deduction Rule Form
• PDADEDN – Emp Benefit/Deduction Form
• PTRBDMC – Benefit/Deduction Mass Change
Rules Form
• PEIDHIS – Emp Deduction History Form
• Additional block to include new limit rules
Modified payroll/benefit
• Pay Period Proof Process (PHPPROF)
• Linked retirement deductions are using same combined
limit code
• Verify associated deductions have same combined limit
rule code
• Payroll Calculation Process (PHPCALC)
• Three new calculation rules:
• 16 – Flat amount by employee with employer share
• 28 – Percent of gross by employee with employer share
• 29 – Percent of gross (each plan) with combined limits –
employer match
Modified payroll/benefit
• Pay Period Proof Process (PHPPROF)
• Enforce new combined maximum limits
• Benefit Deduction Mass Change Process
• Insert of update Combined Limit Code in PDRDEDN
Internationalization Changes
• Unicode – UTF-8
• Additional IDs – assign ID type (GTVADID)
• Added to Banner identification forms
• New tab on PPAIDEN – Additional Identification
• Enhanced Fields
• Expanded fields for Name, address, telephone number,
E-mail address, and SSN
• New fields – House numbers, telephone country code,
and surname prefix
Multiple Race & Ethnicity
entry in EPAFs
• Forms updated to include the multiple race entries
Multiple Job Processing in a
Single EPAF
• Users will be able to perform the following types
of actions within a single EPAF transaction:
Change appt (change FTE)
Convert temp positions to permanent, or vice-versa
Reassign to another position
Funding change with a different position number (new
Employee type change
Lateral transfer
Hire/Terminate for a short-term appointment
FMLA Enhancements
• Expansion for capturing FMLA Time for the care of
Military Service Members
• Ability to comply with the new Federal Regulation H.R. 4986,
which allows for the extension of up to 26 weeks of FMLA for
care of Military Service Members.
• Address the deficiencies of recording and displaying
balances for FMLA information associated with the
‘Qualifying Event’ and ‘Rolling Backwards’ method.
• Additional FMLA Year types to comply with Federal
• Employee Service Date Year
• Institution Specified Year
FMLA Enhancements
• Incorporated existing Banner data to provide user
information for employee qualification for FMLA
• Calculation of prior 12 months work hours
• Primary Employee Class
• Reformatted Comments area to record user and activity
• FMLA Event History – New record to record data changes
• Ability to import FMLA usage from payroll to the FMLA
Leave Tracking Area
Form Changes
• Newly Tabbed Forms
Position Description Form (PAAPDES)
Position Requirements Form (PAAPREQ)
Position Definition Form (NBAPOSN)
Employee FMLA Information Form (PEAFMLA)
Employee Class Rules Form (PTRECLS)
Benefit Category Rules Form (PTRBCAT)
Installation Rules Form (PTRINST)
Fringe Chargeback Rules Form (NTRFBLD)
Banner General Enhancements
related to HR
• Supplemental Data Engine (SDE)
• A simple way to add data fields to Banner forms
• Allows you to store data that is not part of the existing
Banner data model
• No customization of Banner forms or tables is needed
to capture and use additional data with SDE
• Possible uses
• Add comments for miscellaneous notes
• Add data translated into different languages
• Add date field or new field for additional info
Banner General Enhancements
related to HR
• Limitations
• SDE is tied to forms indirectly, data is stored in
a separate table
• Not all tables, blocks, and forms work with
• SDE and VPD (Virtual Private Database) in
multi-Enterprise Processing is not supported
• Masking is not supported
• Must request your DBA to turn-on
Banner General Enhancements
related to HR
• Partial Data Masking
• Banner 7.0
• Full content masking
• Partial number and date field masking
• Banner 8.0
• Partial character field masking
Request for Product
Enhancements (RPEs)
• NBPENCM (CMS-RPE3882 & CMS-RPE38587)
• Issue: Errors which occur during the Budget
• Process (NBPBUDM) need to be identified or reported in a
visible manner.
• Issue: If a user is in the Job Labor forms when the
• Maintenance Process (NBPBUDM) is running, the process
will end in the middle without aborting.
• Resolved with the Encumbrance Maintenance Process
• (NBPENCM) in Position Control 8.0.
Request for Product
Enhancements (RPEs)
• Issue: Processes were not in compliance with Check 21
guidelines for printing numerical amounts.
• Issue: Processes where the SSN/SIN may be printed
should have a parameter allowing for control of
SSN/SIN display.
• Resolved in 8.0 release of PHPCHEK and PHPCHKL
Request for Product
Enhancements (RPEs)
• Issue: The Mass Time Entry Process (PHPMTIM) was
automatically overwriting all earnings in pay history.
• Resolved in 8.0 release of PHPMTIM
Request for Product
Enhancements (RPEs)
• Issue: The Begin Date in the Key block would default
to the System Date initially. This could result in
deductions being added for an employee with the
incorrect date.
• Resolved in 8.0 release of PDABDSU
HR Banner Upgrade Project
• Group(s) have been meeting since April
• Identify processes, forms, interfaces, etc., to be
• Develop test plans and prioritize testing order
• Develop testing timeline
• Develop communication plan
• Involve functional areas to solicit input
HR Banner Upgrade Project
• Technical Aspect
• Develop testing database to ease future upgrade
testing preparation
• Develop testing scripts utilizing IS Trainers to
retain documentation
• Collaboration with NEOUCOM
HR Banner Upgrade Testing Priorities
HR Banner Upgrade Testing Timeline
HR Banner Upgrade Testing Timeline
HR Banner Upgrade Website
Testing Plan
• Testing lab in ASB to be shared with all
• Testing will be done formally with test
scripts, test cases, logging issues, etc.
• Testing schedule will be posted to the
Upgrade website, as well as, scheduled via
• Imperative that users dedicate themselves to
attending their assigned testing session
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