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My HR &
Benefits of My HR
Allows access to the following info:
• Contacts (Additions, Changes, and Deletions)
Dependents (Additions, Changes, and Deletions)
Direct Deposits (Additions, Changes, and Deletions)
Personal Info (Additions, Changes, and Deletions)
Accrual Information
Pay Rate & Positions Held
Taxes / Withholdings
Current & Historical Paystubs (Print)
W-2’s (Print)
Going Green
Employees currently receiving paper checks
will receive PAY CARDS in the new government
Employees enrolled in Direct Deposit will still be
enrolled in Direct Deposit as of January 1st
Employees will receive their Direct Deposit slips
on line via My HR and print them as needed
If an employee prefers to receive a printed Direct
Deposit stub, they must notify HR in writing.
Frequently Asked Questions
• How do I access E-Timesheets and My HR?
As we get closer to the end of the year, the link to the My HR Portal
will be provided to all employees.
ALL employees must set up a user name and password no later than
December 15, 2013.
• Will the info entered into My HR transfer directly onto
my employee record?
No. Once you submit a request in E-suite, the request will
electronically forward to the HR department for processing. Once it is
reviewed and approved by HR, then the changes will appear on your
employee record.
Frequently Asked Questions
• What if I forget my password?
You can reset your password online through the My HR portal. The IT,
Finance, and HR Departments cannot assist you with password
• Do I have to use E-timesheets?
Yes. E-timesheets is the new method designated to process payroll
for all employees of Macon-Bibb County.
• Do I have to use My HR?
It is not mandatory that you use the My HR portal to review your
personal information or to submit changes to your employee record.
My HR is an added convenience that allows employees access to their
basic personnel information.
Frequently Asked Questions
• Can I access the software from home?
YES. You can access it from any desktop or laptop using Internet
Explorer 9.
• Can I access it on an iPad or a tablet?
After the software is up and running successfully on the network, we
will then focus on allowing employees to access their timesheets and
e-suite using other mobile devices.
• Do I have to use a VPN connection at home to access My HR?
NO. It is a secure, encrypted web based product.
• What if I don’t have access to a computer?
During working hours, you will have access to a computer in a
designated location within your department.
Frequently Asked Questions
• Can I access My HR or E-timesheets at any time of day?
YES. You will have access to My HR and E-timesheets 24 hours a day.
• Will I still receive my direct deposit?
YES. If you are currently enrolled in direct deposit, this information
will remain the same as of January 1, 2014.
• Will I still receive a paper check?
NO. Employees without direct deposit will no longer receive paper
checks. Employees will receive PAY CARDS that will be reloaded each
pay period.
• What happens if I forget to enter my timesheet?
A timesheet must be entered for every employee. If an employee’s
time is not entered, it will delay the processing of that specific
employee’s paycheck.
Macon-Bibb County
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