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Where problem meets with its Solution
HR, Staffing and Payroll Solutions
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Our Mission at Team BVCORP is to provide
 Balanced Advice
 Effective Communication
 Secrecy
 Trust
 Satisfaction to Esteemed Clients
 Enlightenment
 Relationship
 Value Based & Value Added Service
 Integrity
 Commitment
 Ethical and Conscientious interaction
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Employees are viewed as assets to the
enterprise, whose value is enhanced by
consulting private ltd. Is engaged in a
barrage of human resource management
practices to capitalize on those assets
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
‘’Challenges ‘’ & ‘’Solutions’’
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
 Current organizational setups
and structures are complex in
 There are many HR functions
which needs intensive care.
 Implementing human resource
or HR strategies is a vital but
difficult task at the same time
when you wish to run the
business efficiently
 HR
specialized individuals or teams
of individuals that help in
keeping a business up-to-date
with the HR legislation.
 A number of staff employee
management issues can be
easily resolved by the qualified
resource consultants.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
 Removing Burden from Administrative Staff.
 Maintaining HR Strategies.
 Guiding Managers for Better Employee Handling.
 Training and Development.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
The Company is established in 2009 and managed by the
professionals having expertise in the wide spectrum of
areas of Management & Organization.
We have a division, which focuses and provides HR
services including providing competent manpower
compatible to the requirements of our clients.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
HR Consulting
Staffing Solutions
Payroll Solutions
Training & Development
Outsourcing Solutions
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
 Human Resource Consulting Services
Human Resource Services
Executive Search Engine
Outsourcing of Resources
 Employee Related Matters
Fixation of job profiles & KRA’s.
Placement of Competent and Quality People.
Presentation of HR issues such as Personality
Development, Behavioral Approach to Management,
Change Syndrome etc
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
System and Audit Related Issues:
Formulating & Implementing recruitment policies.
Wage & Salary Structure and compensation package review.
Performance Management System (PMS) and Benchmarking.
HR audit including Performance/Potential Appraisal Audits.
Training & Development of employee through internal/external inputs
Designing of Job Profile & KRA:
Analysis of existing Job Profiles of employees
Drafting revised Job profiles
Designing KRAs -deliverables based on Job profiles
Optimization of human capital based on time & motion study.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
 Designing Performance Management System:
 Human Resource Planning
 Manpower planning including competency identification
 Allocation of job responsibilities
 Job enrichment process
 Designing Appraisal System:
 Study & analysis of existing performance appraisal system
 Designing of new Performance Appraisal System
 Formats designing / Conducting test
 Debriefing or counseling process on performance
 Measures to achieve compatible level of performance
 Succession planning
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Staffing Solutions
With our staffing services, you would be able to employ the highestcaliber executive professionals for your organization, and the aspiring
job seekers would be able to find the right employment that matches
their skill-set perfectly.
Our Recruitment Process can be categorized as follow:
Preliminary Interviews
Initial Screening
Client Interviews
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Training &
On-the-job training, team work initiatives, mentoring, coaching and soft skill
initiatives are the important things that we can easily implement.
At BVCORP, your HR training and development take-always will be packaged
 Experiential learning methodologies
 Creating your training calendar, after a thorough gap analysis
 Best-in-class expertise in class room training / on-the-job training / outbound training
 Post-training support
 Signature products from the team offering HR Consulting Services.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Training Programs Offered:
Soft Skill Training
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Value additions from BVCORP:
Soft skill training, Behavioral training, Performance coaching,
outbound training, skill development programs and workshops for
imparting specific skills are part of our offerings that can add value to
your training initiatives.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Outsourcing Solutions:
TEAM BVCORP offers strategic outsourcing solutions that give clients access to
intellectual capital which may not available in-house. By handling all the backend
processes in an efficient and time-bound manner, we help organizations to focus on
their core processes. We help small firms with access to the same economies of scale,
efficiency, and expertise that large companies enjoy.
Solutions Provided by BV CORP:
Payroll Processing
Statutory Compliance Outsourcing
Recruitment Back Office Solutions
Performance Management
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
PM will be configured for your business.
TriNet assists you at the start to define forms, views, reports, processes,
and metrics that reflect your unique organization and objectives.
All data is always up to date and accurate.
Database, organization charts, and directory updates are synchronized
daily and automatically.
Professional services teams are staffed with trained, experienced
Your experienced service team of certified consultants can get PM up and
running in less than three weeks.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Emergence of New
Professional Platform
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
We look forward To have Constructive and Conducive
Interaction & Relationship.
Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.