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IOC commentary
The Bluest Eye – Pages 47 - 49
• This extract marks a new chapter in the story and
introduces a new character Maureen Peal who
has the ideal features of ‘beauty’. My extract
particularly focuses on the conversation between
Maureen and Pecola, as it shows the growing
jealousy that recurres throughout the novel.
• The impact of this extract on the audience
emphasizes Pecola’s shame of her skin, and
shows self hatred.
• Toni Morrison uses colourful imagery to convey
the wealth and perhaps, ‘superiority’ of Maureen
• “fluffy sweaters”
• “lemon drops”
• “brightly coloured”
• “white borders”
“brown velvet coat trimmed in white rabbit fur”
• “matching muff”
Character Analysis
• In the beginning, she is described as a ‘high
yellow dream child’ with long brown hair
braided into two lynch ropes that hung down
from her back.
The connotations of two lynch ropes is a direct
reference to slavery and shows that despite
her expensive attire, she can’t escape her
‘black’ childhood.
• “Freida and I were bemused, irritated, and
fascinated by her”
• The mix of emotions show the puzzling
feelings that Pecola and her friends have
towards Maureen Peal.
• They oppose her, yet are so desperate to
befriend her and in many ways, need her to
help alter society’s perception of them.
• “.. There was a little bump where each extra
one had been removed and we smiled”
• The words ‘we smile’ show inner satisfaction
and was put in this extract to attempt to show
the diminishing divide between Blacks and
• “When she was assigned a locker next to
mine, I could indulge my jealousy four times a
• The figurative literary technique ‘indulge my
jealousy’ shows that Pecola envies the fact
that Maureen Peal is both a valued member of
the black AND white community, which
further provokes their jealousy.
• The ending sentences of the extract
• P 47: “This disrupter of seasons was a new girl
in school named Maureen Peal.”
• P49: “And when I thought of the unearned
haughtiness in her eyes, I plotted accidental
slammings of locker doors on her hand.”
• Both sentences are degrading statements,
that emphasize their resentment and
fascinating attitude towards her.
Themes & Motifs
• The theme of jealousy is very prominent in this
extract as it shows the extreme jealousy and
almost hatred of people that are half relatable to
Pecola and her friends.
• The re-occurring idea that Blacks are forever
discriminated and Maureen Peal having green
eyes epitomizes their ultimate desire for blue
eyes, as seen from the repetitive mention of
“blue eyes”, even before this scene.