Transcript Keyana

By Keyana Martin
The Miwok
Do many people now about
the Miwok ? Now many people
do will. The Miwok lives in
Central California Coast. The
Miwok lived in Marin county
Lake. They lived north of San
Francisco. They also lived in the East
from clear lake to pope valley. The
Miwok lived in Sierra Nevada
Mountains and Sierra Mountain.
There are many thing that you could
learn like there homes ,food and the
jobs and clothing celebration and
Interesting Facts.
Miwok Homes
 Do you now where the Miwok Tribe
lived? The Miwok lived in the
Pacific ocean, beaches and bays
bordered the coast Miwok
homeland. They had afire pit in the
center of their home to make food
warm. They lived in round muttfamily-homes. They built a house
over a pit and used poles as the
framework. They covered the frames
with brush leaves, and there cup
holes. On top Eastern Miwok lived
cone-shaped homes made of long
strips of bark. Lastly, they covered
the sides with grass.
Miwok Food
 Do you now what the Miwok
ate? They ate seafood, clams
and mussels. They roasted
Grasshopper's. They used nets
to catch and bones hooks to
catch their food. They caught
Bows and arrows and
slingshots deer, elk, rabbits and
birds. They ate lots of acorns.
They also ate seeds as well.
Miwok jobs
 Did you now what kind
of jobs they do? Miwok
hunted with bows and
arrows. Woman
gathered the food and
plants. Woman prepared
the meat. Men hunted
deer, elk, rabbit, and
birds such as quail and
Miwok Clothing
What kind did the Miwok
wear? The Miwok wear fur
robes. They also wore
woven rabbit fur blankets.
For special occasions, men
wore hair nets. The Miwok
also wore necklaces and
ear jewels male from bones
or shells.
Miwok celebration
What kind of
celebration did the Miwok
have? They had Grizzly
bear ceremonies to
celebration their spirits.
They polished the cubes by
rubbing them on rocks.
They made the shells into
beads and pendants. They
decorated these corn
Miwok Interesting Facts
Here are some Interesting
Facts. They stored the
dried meat and fish to eat
during the winter. They
pounded the acorns into
meal which could be made
into mush or bread.
The great Miwok
 The Miwok was a very
great tribe. I hope you
can learn more about the