Greek Mythology That means the study gods and goddesses! And

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Transcript Greek Mythology That means the study gods and goddesses! And

Greek Mythology

The Gods and Creatures of Ancient Greece By: Chris Bursaw and Marissa Cannistraro


• Goddess of the Earth, Mother Earth • Wife to Uranus • Mother to Titans, Cyclops, and Hecatonchires

Zeus The Greek god of the sky His weapon is the master lightning bolt, given to him by the cyclops His symbols are lighting, the oak tree, and the eagle


Greek god of the sea and earthquakes His symbol is the dolphin His weapon is the trident


His symbols are the helm of darkness and a scepter He is generally depicted seated on his throne of ebony He is the Greek god of the Underworld


• Goddess of love and beauty • Wife to Hephaestus • Symbols are swan and dove • Represents power of love • Born from sea foam


Twin brother of Artemis God of prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery, poetry, dance, and intellectual inquiry.

He is an archer, but not for hunting or fighting The lyre is his symbol


The Greek god of war His symbol are the dog, and the spear, because it is his favorite weapon in battle


• Goddess of hunting • Sister of Apollo • Maiden goddess • Has group of hunters (nymphs) with her • Symbols are stag, moon, and cypress • Associated with moon as representation of purity


• Goddess of wisdom, war craft, and arts & crafts • Came from Zeus’ head • Maiden Goddess • Gained Athens by giving olive tree • Symbols are owl, shield, and olive branch • Known to have invented crafting


• Goddess of the harvest • Mother of Persephone, who is grain • Controls the seasons • Symbols are corn and wheat


The Greek god of blacksmithing and the blacksmiths’ fire Married to Aphrodite He made weapons and armor for the gods He was almost always depicted as a cripple


• Goddess of marriage • Queen of gods and goddesses • Represents woman/mature woman • Often jealous • Symbols are peacock and cow


God of shepherds, land travel, thieves, merchants, weights, measures, oratory, literature, and athletes Guides dead to underworld Brings dreams to mortals Symbols are winged sandals and helmet. He holds the Caduceus


• Goddess of the hearth • First Olympian • Never lets fire/hearth go out • Name means “hearth” in Greek • Symbol is fire • Most kind of all the gods


• Half man, half horse • Are mindless, party-loving alcoholics • Only wise (and sober) one is Chiron


Three headed dog that guarded underworld Made sure no one left


One-eyed monsters Work with metal Are sons of Poseidon


• One of the 3 gorgons, only mortal • Was beautiful, then cursed by Athena • Vowed with sisters to be maiden, then assaulted by Poseidon • Killed by Perseus


Human body with a head of a bull Lives in the Labyrinth Eats young maidens that are sacrificed


• Different types -Dryads: trees/woods -Naiads: water -Aurai: air/sky -Lampes: underworld • Fairy-like, more capricious and eerie • Dryads hunt with Artemis


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