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Gardens With Purpose
Hands-on Gardening Easy Start
(Soil and Soil-Less)
Grows Well even in HDB Flats
S$48 per participant.
Min 15 participants
(fr $18-$38 per pax for
Schools/Organizations over 30pax)
This 2-Hour Hands-On workshop provides
all the practical tips you need to start
growing healthy vegetables. Each
participant will bring home 2 pots of young
vegetables and a set of VegetablesGrowing Starter & Care kit (Worth $25).
Harvest in 6-10 weeks,
Cucumber, Chinese Cabbage, Ladies
Fingers, Kang Kong & Spinach, etc
What healthy Plants really need
Sunlight & Watering Requirement
Using Organic Fertilizers
Germination Requirement
 Plant Care : HDB or Landed
Soil-Less and Potted Plants
Hydroponic Concepts & Methods
Simple Organic Pesticides
Harvest within 6-10 weeks. InExpensive. Clean & Organic.
Free Vegetables-Growing Starter
& Care Kit (worth $25) for each Participant
5 Types Vegetable Seeds
Two Types of Organic Fertilizers
5 small pots with Soil, ideal for young plants
1 set of Germination & Sprouting Kit
2 sets Passive Hydroponic Cup Kits with Fertilizers
Workshop Instructor
Joanne Ng is founder of Gardens With
Purpose. She is very passionate about
gardening and urban farming. With hands-on
demonstrations, she will teach first-time
growers (especially HDB dwellers) how easy it
is to grow common green Vegetables at home
and gardens.
Joanne has experimented and succeeded in
many different methods of soil and soil-less
growing. Once you learn the basics of plants
requirement and the practical tips, gardening
will be an easy and a rewarding experience for
you and your family.
Joanne received many praises and thanks :
“Very very interesting & lively. Make a Saturday
morning so meaningful” Joseph
“Joanne shows to be very hands-on and informative
teacher. Thanks! Well done. Very interesting for
novice like myself “ David
“I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I am interested to
explore a course for my staff.”
Contact Gardens With Purpose, 6 Jalan Serengam, Spore 769410
Tel : 6546 5801 or [email protected]