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Electronic Document and Records Management
System (EDRMS) Initiative
EDRMS Lunch and Learn
Rob Lake and Andrea Hare
November 21, 2013
EDRMS – What is it?
• A content management system that will enable the
university to manage its records throughout their lifecycle,
from creation to final destruction or preservation at the
University Archives.
• A system that will facilitate business critical collaboration
and automation of record-intensive business processes.
EDRMS – Why do we want it?
• Disaster recovery
• Search and access capabilities
• Space recovery
• Better efficiencies with workflows
• A greener environment
• Better adherence to audit and regulatory standards
• Cost savings in the long term
EDRMS – What are the underlying key principles?
• Project sponsors: Vice-President (Finance and
Administration) and Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President
(Information Technology)
• A single University supported records management system
• Housed in the IST secure server room in GSB
• Integration with PeopleSoft and the IMS
• Will adapt our business processes to match the software
EDRMS – What do we have?
• Alfresco Enterprise Edition 4.1.6 (in production)
• Uses the CCID and SSO
• Currently integrated with Gmail and Google Docs
• Dropbox
• Form builder
EDRMS – Who is involved?
• Rob Lake (Project Owner)
• Sandra Kereliuk (F&A Liaison)
• Osama Al Baik (Program Manager)
• Andrea Hare (University Records Officer)
• Suresh Joshee (Alfresco Developer)
• Business Analysts and other resources
• Abstractive Consulting
EDRMS – Current status
An Alfresco production system running on campus (
Purchase of a five year Alfresco license has commenced
Security model and procedure nearing completion
Privacy impact assessment underway
Graduate student records – 5000+ records in production
E-transcript project in production
Three projects underway: Office of the Registrar, Human Resource Services, Office
of Advancement. Two working groups established
Ephesoft pilot to commence in late November
EDRMS – Future work
• Full integration with PeopleSoft
• Implementation of the security model (and with LDAP)
• Implementation of student, HR, and donor records
• Full integration with an imaging solution
• University Governance, Financial Services, General Counsel,
Digital Archives, Research Services Office, and other units
EDRMS – Records management
To facilitate consistent management of records through lifecycle and to ensure legal and business requirements are met:
• Records management policy
• Function-based file classification plans
• Recordkeeping metadata standard and guideline
• Naming conventions
• Controlled vocabularies
• Scanning standards
• Record retention and disposition schedules