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Aneef Fashir
Software Architect
About Myself
 5 years of experience in programming.
 BSc(Hons) in Computer Science and MIS.
 Currently working at Assette.
 Key areas are ClickOnce, Office Automation,Services, &
 Blog : , Twitter : @aneef
 WebMatrix - What, Why, Who?
 Key Features
 Anatomy of WebMatrix
 Test Drive WebMatrix
 Introducing Razor Syntax
 Razor Demo
 Demo Writing your own WebMatrix Helper
What is WebMatrix
 WebMatrix is a task-focused tool that is designed to make
it really easy to get started with web development.
 Has everything you need to build web sites using Windows
 Minimize the learning curve, easy transition to VS & SQL
 Easily Start with Popular Community Apps.
 Smaller Download( 15 MB, or 50MB with .Net Framework).
 Same powerful Web server, DB Engine, Web Framework.
 Use it to streamline the way you code, test & deploy your
own ASP.Net or PHP Site.
 Use open source community apps to create sites , like
WordPress, DotnetNuke, Joomla.
 Deploy within Application, easy transition from
development to production.
 Developers who are new to ASP.Net.
 Developers students who want to develop simple and
easy way to develop websites.
 Developers who wants “Get it done Faster” for smaller
 NOT for enterprise solutions.
 Small but complete
Simple user experience
Simple to code
Database made simple
Grows with you.
 More than “Hello World”
 Fully Integrated.
 Easy deployment.
 SEO Friendly URLs.
 File>New>Open Source
(IIS Developer
Latest IIS
Installs in “\program files”
Interactive process, non admin
Same as production
Inline scripting
Simple APIs & DB access
Built on MVC
Notepad friendly
Web Stack
Web App Gallery
Orchard CMS
(Web PI Delivered)
WebMatrix IDE
(SQL Compact)
Start with OSS or new
Develop, customize, Optimize,
Simple x-copy deployable
Components of WebMatrix
 WebMatrix IDE
 IIS Developer Express
 SQL Compact
 ASP.Net Web Pages & Razor Syntax.
IIS Developer Express
 Latest Version, Installs in /Program Files.
 Light weight and easy to install.
 Runs as an interactive process, not as a service.
 No permission issues, simple config/mgmt, no app pool.
 Supports ASP.Net, PHP.
 It enables a full web-server feature set – including SSL, URL
Rewrite, Media Support, and all other IIS 7.x modules .
SQL Compact 4
2MB package.
File based database, X-Copy deployment.
Works with existing data APIs.
No Database installation required.
In Process Database.
Supports shared webhosting scenario, runs in “medium
 Easy migration to SQL Server
ASP.Net Web Pages & Razor
Minimize concepts - 1 page “cheat sheet” for 80% case
No need to understand OOP and classes
No configuration.
SEO Friendly.
Easy to use helpers for common task.
No special tools required, can work with notepad.
Easy upgrade to ASP.Net Web forms & MVC.
HTML 5 Doc type.
A walkthrough on WebMatrix IDE (DEMO)
What is Razor?
 A new View engine , parser for ASP.Net MVC.
 Less control characters to make html and code flow
 Easy to learn, based on c#.
 It is split into 3 parts or actors:
 A markup parser (understands basics of HTML)
 Code parser (understands basics of C# or VB.NET)
 A central orchestrator which can mix the two
 These actors work together to parse a Razor document
The all new “@”
Early days..
Razor Syntax
More Razor..
Go get it:
Aneef Fashir
[email protected]