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Excelling On The GMAT
Emily Gung
Graduate Admissions
Valdosta State University
Graduate Management
Admission Test
• Where and when can I take it?
• What is it?
• Scores required for VSU?
• How can I prepare to do my best?
Where and When Can I Take
• Candidate Information
• ETS/GMAT homepage
• Sylvan Learning Center
Test Format
• Computer-based
• Three timed sections: verbal,
quantitative, and analytical writing
• Verbal and Quantitative - Multiple
• Analytical Writing - Two Essays
Test Format
• Test design factors
– difficulty level of questions already
– required question types
– appropriate coverage of content
Analytical Writing
• Analysis of an issue = 30 min.
–Analyze a given issue or opinion
and then explain your point of
view on the subject by citing
relevant reasons/examples
Analysis of an Issue
• Decide on your perspective.
• Work your way to a perspective instead
of announcing one.
Indicate that you understand the
complexities of an issue or an opinion
before you take a position.
• Think about personal experiences and
examples that support your argument.
Structure of Essay
• Introduction - State your perspective and
summarize your points.
• Body - Explore your ideas in detail and
include examples.
– Use fully developed sentences
– Coherent organization
– Logical transition between points
• Conclusion - re-state your original idea
Analytical Writing
• Analysis of an argument = 30 min.
–Analyze the reasoning behind a
particular argument and then
write a critique of that argument
Ask yourself the following:
• Does the claim make certain assumptions?
• How do I interpret certain terms or
• What reasons support my position?
• How might someone dispute my position?
Analytical Writing
• Scoring:
– Quality of ideas
– Ability to organize, develop, and express
those ideas
– Relevancy of supporting reasons and
– Ability to control the elements of
standard written English
Verbal and Quantitative
• Questions are in a multiple choice
• Each question must be answered.
• Test takers cannot return to
previous questions.
• Directions are given at the
beginning of each section.
• Measures basic mathematical skills and
understanding of elementary concepts, and
the ability to reason quantitatively, solve
problems, and interpret graphic data.
• 37 questions = 75 min.
• Two types of questions:
– Problem solving
– Data sufficiency
• Problem Solving
– arithmetic
– elementary algebra
– geometry
• Data Sufficiency
– test takers must decide whether the data given
in the statements is sufficient for answering the
Avoid extensive computation. Try to
estimate the answer.
Geometric figures may not be drawn to
scale. Therefore, comparisons should be
based upon your knowledge of mathematics
and the given information.
Memorize necessary algebraic formulas and
basic foundations of geometry.
ETS/GRE Math Review
• 41 questions = 75 min.
• Three questions types:
– Reading Comprehension
– Critical Reasoning - tests skills involved
in making arguments, evaluating
arguments, and formulating or evaluating
a plan of action
– Sentence Correction
Reading Comprehension
• Questions will reflect the following areas:
Main idea or primary purpose
Information explicitly stated or clearly defined
ideas that are suggested or implied
Application of the author’s ideas to other
– Author’s logic, reasoning, or persuasive
– Tone of the passage or the author’s attitude
Critical Reasoning
• Argument Construction
– structure of an argument
– properly drawn conclusions
– underlying assumptions
– well-supported explanatory hypotheses
– parallels between structurally similar
Critical Reasoning
• Argument evaluation
– factors that strengthen or weaken the
– reasoning errors committed in
making that argument
– aspects of the method by which the
argument proceeds
Critical Reasoning
• Formulating and Evaluating a Plan
of Action
– relative appropriateness, effectiveness, or
efficiency of different plans of action
– factors that strengthen or weaken the
prospects of success for a proposal plan
of action
– assumptions underlying a proposed plan
of action
Sentence Correction
• A correct expression will contain:
– noun-verb agreement
– noun-pronoun agreement
– pronoun consistency
– pronoun case
– verb tense sequence
Sentence Correction
• Noun-Verb Agreement
The beneficial effects of her enthusiastic work
is apparent everywhere.
The beneficial effects of her enthusiastic work
are apparent everywhere.
Sentence Correction
• Noun-Pronoun Agreement
The students exchanged their essays.
Neither Alicia nor Louise uses a computer to
write her papers.
The audience gave its approval.
Sentence Correction
• Pronoun Case
subject forms, object forms, possessive forms
Kim and me spent spring vacation in Vancouver.
Kim and I spent spring vacation in Vancouver.
The only one to read the report was me.
The only one to read the report was I.
Sentence Correction
A correct sentence will not have:
• dangling, misplaced, or improperly
formed modifiers
Ex: A small fan stood on the desk
which hummed quietly.
A small fan, which hummed quietly,
stood on the desk.
Sentence Correction
• Unidiomatic Expressions or
inconsistent expressions
Ex. A willingness to compromise has been
a common tendency throughout the
Canadian history.
A willingness to compromise has been a
common tendency throughout Canadian
Sentence Correction
Ex. This teacher had no interest or respect for
his students.
This teacher had no interest in nor respect for
his students.
Sentence Correction
• Parallel Construction
Ex. Rep. Cairns criticized her opponent as soft
on crime, indifferent to voters, and a tax and
spend politician.
Rep. Cairns criticized her opponent as soft on
crime, indifferent to voters, and quick to
raise taxes.
Tips to Improve Your Score
Practice using study guides and practice
Be familiar with the structure of the test.
Beware of distractors-wrong answers are
not random. Read ALL choices.
Process of elimination.
Manage your time.
Practice Materials
• Test Preparation Books/Materials
• 800Score.com GMAT Prep Course = 29.95
• Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Other Suggestions
 Reduce worries related to the actual taking of the
 Arrive early!
 Bring two forms of identification (one with a
 Get plenty of rest.
 Think positively.
 Focus on each question and don’t worry about
past or future questions.