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In the space provided on your paper: Using the terms
distance, displacement, speed, velocity, motion and
reference point complete a 1- minute summary of the
story and picture below.
• Julian has entered his first
go cart race and this is
the track he will race on.
Julian starts and ends at
the red star or he is
• Julian races and races
around the track, and
even though he does not
win he puts up a
respectable time of 1
• Length of a path between two points
• SI unit is Meters (m)
• What are some other units of distance?
• Distance from starting point to end
point in a straight line. Includes
• Displacement is a vector- it has a size
and direction.
• Same units as distance but includes
direction. Ex: 5 miles East
• If a driver drives around a 5 mile
course and ends at his starting pointwhat is his displacement? Distance?
Ratio of distance/ time.
Average speed= Total distance/ Total time
Speed is not ever negative.
Units of speed=SI- Meters per second ,
common- miles per hour
• Velocity is a vector, it has both magnitude and
• Velocity can be negative or positive depending
on direction of motion.
• Velocity = DISPLACEMENT / Time
• SI Units- m/s
Key West Map
Project Guidelines
• Florida Vacation Project Guidelines:
• Florida Map must show highlighted routes
taken (if visible on map) and clearly marked
• You must visit five points of interest to
– A major beach community ( not Key West)
– An amusement park
– A city on both coasts ( Gulf side and Ocean side)- this is 2
different locations
– A major university
• You may travel in any order
Your project must include the following:
Student created data table that displays the following: Remember UNITS!!!
– Distance from one destination to the next. (highway distance- you may use Google maps
or MapQuest to find this)
– Displacement from reference point to destination. (Displacement - use the created scale
ruler for your map and draw straight lines from one location the next, estimate if
– Time travelled from one destination to the next (using given speed)
– Velocity from reference point to destination (remember sign)
– Total distance traveled from start to finish
– Total displacement
– Make sure to include evidence of calculations to show the time it takes to get from one
location to the next assuming you are traveling at an AVG SPEED of 60 Miles per Hour,
including total time travelled. Remind students to include the correct units.
Map of Florida:
– The map included in the final project should show the lines students have drawn to
show displacement from one destination to the next. Each line should be straight and
destinations clearly labeled.
Graph of Distance vs. Time:
Graph only represents driving time and does not take into consideration stopping.
Use the distance and time data from the data table they generated.
Project Guidelines
Final Map
Includes clearly labeled destinations,
clearly drawn displacement vectors,
compass included, information
displayed correctly matches data
Missing labels, route, compass and/
or is not legible. Most information is
present. Information displayed
correctly matches data
Map does not show any routes or clear
destinations, information does not
match data
Calculations/ Graph
Units and labels are clearly displays,
calculations are correct, correct use
of distance and displacement for all
calculations and graphs
Missing some units or calculations,
some errors in calculations or graph
but most work is correct. Graph is
not clearly displayed or incorrectly
No/incorrect units
No calculations provided
Incorrect use of distance/ displacement/
No graph is present or does not
represent data
Data Table
All information is displayed, (see
requirements) all units are correct,
all information is labeled and
represented clearly on map and
Information missing or incomplete,
missing units or labels. Data is not
correctly displayed on graph or does
not match.
Not labeled
No units
Incomplete/ missing data
Evidence of all group members’
involvement is clear on project. Each
member presents a portion of the
Project does not show work from all
group members or group member
does not participate in presentation.
No participation
No evidence of work from student on
No presentation
Total (200) ____________
Florida Map
Exit Slip
• Write a 1-paragraph summary of your project
utilizing the same vocabulary from the start of
class- distance, displacement, motion,
reference point, velocity and speed.
• Clip art- Microsoft Clipart Library
• Images: Google Images
– Bridge- media.fla-keys.com
– Key West Map- lonelyplanet.com
– Florida Map – geology.com
(C) Copyright 2014 - all rights reserved