Violent Video Gamers

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Transcript Violent Video Gamers

By: Braden Bush
Video games have been around for the last 30 years. There have
been several changes made to video games over those last 30 years
as well as to the type of game systems they are played on. Video
games and their systems are now high calibre with 3D graphics
and are very interactive with the players. They are a way to allow
the player to become part of the game. They also require more
attention of the player then watching a movie does.
Games that include graphic violence, sexual themes, consumption of
illegal drugs and profanity can cause addiction and violent behaviors.
Teaches kids weapon related skills
Causes kids to be less caring and helpful to others and their peers.
Causes kids to become more hostile
Causes kids to argue and fight more
Health problems such as obesity and posture.
Increase depression levels and levels of anxiety along with impulsive
behaviors and attention problems.
Violent video games have more of a negative affect then TV
violence because of the repeated acts of violence.
Intensifies the learning of bad behaviors
Makes teens more aggressive and causes them to get into
confrontations with their teachers, engage in more fights and have
a decline in school work.
Teach kids the wrong values such as violent behaviors.
Confuse kids on what is reality and what is fantasy.
Lead to aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Boys with lower academic
levels tend to prefer more
violent games then boys
with higher or medium
level of academics do. The
boys with lower level
academics also had a
higher perception of the
games being “real” and
identified more with the
characters of the game.
These boys were also more
likely to seek out thrills
and bad behaviors. They
also believe that aggression
is an effective way of
solving conflicts and
getting what they want in
I play many types of video games, mostly
violent ones and I feel that aggressive kids
tend to choose violent video games more
then the video games making the kids
aggressive. However that is not always the
case as I play video games to have fun and
to talk to my friends online. I think of it as
an escape from day to day activities. I also
feel like video games have positive affects
on kids that parents don’t always think of.
Improves dexterity.
Teaches computer literacy.
Build muscle through the powerful combination of
Teach multitasking by shifting variables and
managing multiple objects.
Teach quick thinking and ability to make fast
Battle games can train players for real life situations.
Provide opportunities for achievement.
Allows players to have freedom and connect to other
Teaches Accuracy, Strategy, Situational awareness,
Memory, Concentration, Reasoned judgments,
Teamwork and how to respond to challenges and
Teens state that their parents
do not monitor the amount of
time they spend playing video
games and that most of their
parents are unaware of the
content of the games their kids
My mother feels that violent video
games make kids more aggressive and
that they lead to bad behavior and
cause me to get bad grades in school.
She says that I spend to much time
playing them and is always telling me
I need to take a break from them when
I get to involved in a game.
Discuss the games with their children and explain
how the violence in the game is portrayed different
then how it occurs in the real world.
Monitor and control the effects that violent video
games have on your kids.
Know the ratings of the games your kids play.
Do not allow game systems in bedrooms.
Set limits on how long the games are allowed to be
Supervise kids online game play.
Discuss with your kids how they feel about the
things that occurred in the game.
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