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Advanced Component-Based Software
Course Organization
Ivica Crnkovic
Mälardalen University
Software Engineering Division
[email protected]
Advanced CBSE
Page 1, April 13, 2015
 Teachers
Ivica Crnkovic (examiner)
Aneta Vulgarakis
Juraj Feljan
Séverine Sentilles
Advanced CBSE
Jiale Zhou
Page 2, April 13, 2015
Course Information
All information is placed on:
 Advanced Component-based Software engineering
Advanced CBSE
Page 3, April 13, 2015
The course goal
 To give the students an overview of component-based
software engineering
 To train students in finding and summarizing particular
topics within CBSE
 To give students insight in different areas related to CBSE
Advanced CBSE
Page 4, April 13, 2015
Course Overview
 Basic concepts of Component-based software engineering
What is Component-based software engineering? What is a
software component
Classification of Software component models
Quality attributes of software components
Interface and behavior specifications
Component-based development process
Component Model ProCom and Behavior & Resource
modeling language REMES
Component-based models for embedded systems
Advanced CBSE
Page 5, April 13, 2015
The course
 Advanced level course (7.5 ETCS)
 Master Students - Grades
 Ph.D. students – certificate that you have passed the course
 Course elements
Lectures – Introductions, Insights, Overviews
Individual work
Self study – A report from a selected topic
Half time test
Project presentation
Advanced CBSE
Page 6, April 13, 2015
CBSE assignments
1. Report
Overview of a CBSE topic
2. Labs
2 assignments
3. Intermediate test
4. Project
Modeling & Design a component-based system
Analyzing system properties from the model
Written report describing the project results
Individual oral presentation of the project
Advanced CBSE
Page 8, April 13, 2015
CBSE assignments
 Intermediate test
REQUIREMENTS to enter the test
Lab1 must be approved
Report approved
Lab2 must be submitted
 Project
REQUIREMENTS to start with the project
Lab 1, Lab 2 and the report approved
The intermediate test passed
 Project presentation
Requirement: the project result submitted
In general you will have one chance (only one) to correct the
unapproved work (report, labs, test, project)
Advanced CBSE
Page 9, April 13, 2015
Academic (dis-)honesty
 Basic principle: It is not permitted to present as your own something
which is created by someone else.
This applies to homeworks, lab assignments, exams, written and oral
reports, etc.
In group/pair work, it is not allowed to let one student (or a few) do all (or
most) the work.
Note: Allowing someone else to copy your work also is cheating!
 Discussing solutions with classmates, other friends, or teachers, is allowed,
but giving a solution is not allowed
 Proper references and quoting is ok, but be careful to avoid plagiarism.
 A lot of quoting is not a plagiarism, but you can be failed!
 If you are not sure, ask one of the teachers!
 You must sign the agreement!
Advanced CBSE
Page 10, April 13, 2015
Project assignment for PHD students
 Write a technical paper that uses a particular topic from
Component-based Software Engineering
A summary of existing research and practical results
10-30 references
15-20 pages
Advanced CBSE
Page 11, April 13, 2015
Tue 24 Jan
Thu 26 Jan
Tue 31 Jan
Tue 7 Feb
Tue 7 Feb
Thu 9 Feb
Tue 14 Feb
Thu 16 Feb
Tue 21 Feb
Thu 23 Feb
Tue 28 Feb
Tue 27 Mar
Thu 29 Mar
R1-122 Lectures I
R1-122 Lectures II
R1-121 Lectures III, Intro to labs
report submission
R1-131 Lectures IV
Lab 1 submission
R1-131 Preparation for assignment 2 (project)
Lab 2 submission
R1-122 Intermediate test
R1-122 Guest lecture (Etienne)
R1-122 Intermediate test, retry
project presentation
iproject presentation
June – retry, Intermediate test, Project presentation
Advanced CBSE
Page 12, April 13, 2015
 Ivica Crnkovic, Magnus Larsson: Building reliable component-based
 Ivica Crnkovic: CBSE - New Challenges in Software Development (on the
Course web page)
 Ivica Crnkovic et al: Specification, Implementation and Deployment of
Components (on the Course web page)
 Ivica Crnkovic, Séverine Sentilles, Aneta Vulgarakis, Michel Chaudron, A
Classification Framework for Component Models (on the Course web page)
 Ivica Crnkovic, Magnus Larsson: Classification of Quality Attributes
Advanced CBSE
Page 13, April 13, 2015