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There are three main city festivals held annually in
Fiji. The Bula Festival is celebrated in Nadi each
July, the Hibiscus Festival is held in Suva in
November and the Sugar Festival is held in
Lautoka in September. These festivals include
parades with marching bands and beauty
pageants, and are a joyous time for the citizens of
the cities to celebrate the unique identities of their
cities. Nadi is known for it’s horseracing, Lautoka
is known as the sugar city for all the sugar it
produces and Suva is the capital of Fiji.
Festivals of Fiji
Fijians are a soft-spoken people (raising one’s voice for any
reason is considered extremely rude in Fiji) and the culture is
considered by many to be rather sober. The annual festivals,
however, are a time to unwind and cut loose, so to be speak.
Because of the large Christian, Hindu and Muslim
populations in Fiji, there are many religious festivals of a
diverse nature. In addition to the religious holidays
celebrated such as Christmas, Diwali, and the Prophet
Mohammed’s Birthday, there are also many small festivals
and fund-raising carnivals held annually.
Public holidays in Fiji reflect the country's cultural diversity.
Each major religion in Fiji has a Public Holiday dedicated to it
and is usually enjoyed by the nation as a whole as these
days are usually those of sharing, giving and fun.
• Lautoka is the second largest city of Fiji. It is in
the west of the island of Viti Levu, 24 kilometers
north of Nadi, and is the second port of entry in
Fiji, after Suva. Lying in the heart of Fiji's sugar
cane growing region, it is known as the Sugar
• Lautoka is known as the Sugar City because of
its sugar cane areas. The main Lautoka Sugar
Mill is the city's biggest employer by far.
The Sugar Festival is celebrated annually in the month of
September in Lautoka which is Fiji’s second largest city.
Considering the sugar is Fiji’s largest export commodity and
most of the island workers are involved in the sugar
plantations the festival is widely celebrated.
Fiji's sugar hub of Lautoka gives thanks for the local industry
at the annual Sugar Festival. Brass bands and vehicles adorned
with sugar cane parade through the streets, children enjoy
funfair rides and 15 young women compete for the Miss
Sugar crown. Sugar Festival includes parades with marching
bands and beauty pageants and a joyful, fun time for the
citizens of the city to celebrate the unique identities of their
When: September 2013 (annual)
Where: Lautoka
Cost: Free
Opening Hours: Daily all day
Town Information: Lautoka
Full Name: Lautoka, Fiji
Sugar Festival
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