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Flawless Performance: Over 50,000 Glenair
Overmolded Cable Assemblies Have Been
Installed in F-16s without a Single Failure
Overmolded Interconnect Cable Assemblies
for Aerospace Applications
Environmental/Mechanical Stress Factors in
Aerospace Interconnect Cables
High Performance Cable Assemblies
Must Be Able to Withstand Damage From:
Fluid Immersion
Temperature Cycling in Jet Fuel
Pressure Extremes
Pull Forces
The Advantages of Overmolding
Outstanding environmental protection for harsh and caustic environments
compared to braided or booted solutions
 Viton, EPDM, Butyl and Glenair
proprietary materials provide robust
protection for connectors and cables in
harsh/caustic environments
 Mechanical performance is also enhanced
 Injection molding/transfer molding is a
simple, reasonably priced solution to
physical protection
 Design flexibility: from simple point to
point, to complex multiple branch
assemblies—even fiber-optic and hybrid
electrical/optical designs
Typical Cable Construction
Connector Overmold Cross-Section
Overmolding as a Solution to Managing SinglePoint Ignition Sources in Aircraft Fuel Cells
Turnkey Solution to FAA SFAR-88 Requirements
 Overmolding effectively
eliminates all cable and wire
ignition sources, including arcing
and ESD
 Also improves longevity of
 Reduced installation and
maintenance cost
 Controls corrosion/conductivity
 Improves reliability and safety
Overmolding as Solution to Cable
Routing and/or Weight Reduction
Efficiently Designed Multi-Branch Harnesses
Reduce Overall Weight and Package Space of Interconnect Cables
 Turnkey solutions with Glenair
Connectors, Backshells, and
Assembly may be optimized for
reduced weight
 Routing performance enhanced
with range of standard Glenair
tooling for all angles and
History of Glenair Overmolded
Cables for Fuel-Cell Applications
F-16 Fighting Falcon
 Modular conduit designs failed
repeatedly in F-16 and other
front-line fighters.
 Glenair introduced unique
design to solve leakage,
reliability and installation
 Design incorporated new
overmolding materials and
integral bulkhead fittings
Additional Military
Reference Applications
Proven Performance for Bell, Lockheed, Boeing and ETC
 F-18 Fuel-Cell Assembly
 Advanced F-18 E/F Fuel Cell
Assembly with integral fiber optic
 F-22 Overmolded Fuel Cell
Assembly and Wheel Well
 V-22 Fuel Cell Assembly
 Bombardier Bulkhead Fuel-Tank
Connector Assembly
 C-17 Overmolded Conduit Fuel Cell
Spotlight On Glenair’s C-17
Overmolded Conduit Solution
New Glenair Design Met all Requirements and Significantly
Reduced Installation and Maintenance Costs
 Sealed conduit system
with integral clamp
 Replaced rigid metal
tubing system with
significant installation
cost savings
 Achieved all safety,
reliability, and weight
C-17 Overmolded Conduit
Solution: Detailed View
New Glenair Design Met all Requirements and Significantly
Reduced Installation and Maintenance Costs
Cable Routing
and Packaging Capabilities
An almost unlimited range of breakouts and layouts
 Straight, 90 and 45 degree angular
 Existing tooling for all common
molding adapters and connectors.
 Breakout, bulkhead and transition
tooling for all common configurations
 Standard molding materials as
well as new proprietary formulas and
new mass-produced injection processes.
 Molded Cable and Connector Identifiers
Production Packaging
Overmolding as a standard catalog offering
 Point-to-Point cordsets
available for all Series
80, Series 22 and
D38999 fiber optic
 Standardized part
number development
 Accelerated lead times
Additional Cable Shop Capabilities:
Custom Multi-Conductor Cables
For exacting operational and environmental conditions
 Custom electrical, fiber optic and hybrid configurations
 Bulk cable supplied in short one-time runs as well as
unlimited quantities and lengths
 One of the industry’s broadest selection of braided
shielding, coverings and extruded jacketing, including
NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) materials
 Cable design and engineering support covering every
EMI/EMP, mechanical and environmental
design consideration
Additional Cable Shop Capabilities:
Metal and Fabric Overbraiding
Durable lightweight cable assemblies
 Flexible, and elastic overbraiding provides
physical protection and EMI Shielding
 Extreme temperature protection:
from -100oF to +500oF
 Smoothes irregular shapes
and reduces snagging in
lacing- tape bound harnesses
 Adds flexibility and repairability to
harness designs
 Available in bulk or integrated into the
harness assembly service
Ultra-Lightweight Composite
RFI/EMI Braided Shielding
Nickel Plated Composite Shielding Offers Unique Solution to
Electromagnetic Compatibility
 Expandable, flexible, highstrength, conductive,
elastic composite material
 Provides abrasion
resistance and EMI
shielding at a fraction
of the weight of metal
Application Development
The Bid Process
 Assessment of overmolding work is essentially a bid process
and costing exercise as most jobs are submitted with complete
BOMS and assembly schematics.
 New applications are nevertheless evaluated for mechanical,
EMI and environmental requirements.
 Glenair will often add value with superior knowledge of wire
and cable layout and assembly, especially in prototypes.
Not Just Another Pretty Cable
The Ultimate Harsh Application Environment
 Halliburton’s Oil Well Recovery and
Restoration Division employs specialized
trucks equipped with seismic recorders to
generate accurate oil well status data.
 The field generators which power the
system use interconnect cabling which
must withstand severe weather, abusive
handling and caustic chemicals.
 Glenair overmolded cable assemblies
provide flawless, durable service in this
extreme environmental application