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High School Test Security
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Training Objectives
 Be familiar with New Mexico Statewide
Assessment Programs
 Understand test security and training
 Know the basic processes and procedures of
test administration
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Required Training
 For school principals, test coordinators, test
examiners (teachers), and proctors (EAs)
 Training is required for all school personnel
Assessments include:
SBA Retakes: (Grade 12)
SBA Science: (Grade 11)
NMAPA/NCSC: (Grades 9-12)
ACCESS: (9-12)
District Assessments (9th /10th)
PARCC: (Grades 9 – 11)
 Sign-in, with a printed name, signature, and date on
the Non-Disclosure Forms
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Required Training
 A signature on the Non-Disclosure is the teacher’s
consent that
 He/she knows how to administer the test.
 He/she knows what is required to
administer the test.
 He/she will comply with the rules of test
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Required Training
 Two trainings a year required by NMPED
 Test Security (fall) and Test Administration (spring)
 Deadlines for Non-Disclosures:
 Friday, October 24, 2014
 The test security training verification the original has to go to
Claudine Sanchez (400 – East) and copy must be kept at the
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Testing Windows
High School
Jan. 12 – Feb. 27, 2015
 SBA-HSGA Retakes
Sept. 15 – Sept. 26, 2014
 SBA Science
Mar. 24 – Mar. 27, 2015
Semester Course
Dec. 8 – Dec. 19, 2014
Senior Retakes
Jan. 12 – 16, 2015
Spring Window
Apr. 27 – May 8, 2015
Test Security Training 2014-2015
PBA – Mar. 2 – Mar. 27, 2015
EOY – Apr. 13 – May 8, 2015
October 15, 2014
Sep. 15-26, 2014
Dec. 8 – 19, 2014
Apr. 6 -17, 2015
 NAEP (Selected Schools)
Jan. 26 – Mar. 13, 2015
NMAPA/NCSC Trainings
 This training is for the people who administer the
 Required for Test Administrators and second raters
 Training for NMAPA/NCSC TBD
Test Security Training 2014-2015
SBA Retakes:
80% Multiple Choice; 20% Open Ended
1 Form English/1 Form Spanish
Only available paper/pencil
Subtests and Sessions
 Reading 2 sessions
 Math 3 sessions
 Science 3 sessions
Test Security Training 2014-2015
SBA Science Spring 2015
3 Sessions
Same core design to include field test items
4 Forms English/2 Forms Spanish
Available as computer-based or paper/pencil test
Test Security Training 2014-2015
4 Principles of Test Security
1. Protect the Student
 Give students an equitable chance
2. Protect the Staff
 Must be professional (phone for communication with front
office only); follow all rules
3. Protect yourself
 Ultimately responsible; STC and principal
4. Protect the test
 Pictures; social media
Test Security Training 2014-2015
 Upon receiving materials, immediately conduct a box
• Report any discrepancy to Instructional Accountability
via phone and follow up with an email for
 Tests must be stored in a locked, secure area with
limited access at all times
Test Security Training 2014-2015
 Teachers must sign to receive test booklets
 Tests must be assigned to students and the record
must be given to Instructional Accountability, as well
as a copy kept by the Test Rep.
 Please write the full name on the test booklet and the
answer document
Test Security Training 2014-2015
 All specified materials must be returned to RDA at or
before the deadline
 No one can review secure tests without prior approval
and without signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Test Preparation (STC)
 Provide training for all school personnel involved in
test administration
 Ensure sufficient supply of test materials is available
 Provide TAs/Proctors list of accommodations
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Test Preparation
 Thoroughly read, review, and discuss the Test
Examiner’s Manuals before administering the test.
 Clarify staff questions
 DFAs will be available online before testing
 Materials will be delivered to schools one week prior
to the test
 Arrange for make up tests
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Who can administer the test?
 Only trained, certified staff are permitted to
administer tests:
Licensed school instructors and administrators
Teachers on waivers or intern licenses
Long-term substitutes with a valid teaching license
Coaches and contractors with a valid teaching
 Licensed counselors and related service providers
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Who can proctor the test?
 Any staff or community member who has been
trained in proper test administration and test security
may serve as a proctor.
 Parents cannot proctor in their own child’s classroom.
 Proctors can assist, but may not act as test
 All proctors must sign a non-disclosure form.
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Test Preparation Don’ts
 Don’t use old tests as test preparation
materials. Published sample questions are ok.
 Don’t photocopy or reproduce test items.
 Don’t use or make copies of any copyrighted
test preparation materials.
 Don’t use any actual test items as preparation
materials (changing the setting or numbers,
paraphrasing the item, or rewording the item).
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Test Administration Do’s
 Do follow all directions for a standardized
 Do proctor actively and be attentive.
 Do remove instructional materials (e.g.,
multiplication tables) from test settings during
 Do have test monitors in the halls to assist with
emergencies or to obtain additional test
Test Security Training 2014-2015
More Test Administration Do’s
 Do return test materials each day to the testing
coordinator for secure overnight storage.
 Do keep records on unique situations that keep
students from being tested.
 Do report suspected testing irregularities
immediately to the test rep, the principal and
Assessment (Dorothy Muna). Don’t investigate
Test Security Training 2014-2015
More Test Administration Do’s
 Do post conspicuous signs near copy machines
warning that tests cannot be copied.
 Do arrange for make-up tests for all students who are
 Do return tests for shipping to Testing Services
Warehouse immediately after testing is completed.
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Test Administration Don’ts
 Don’t discuss items on a test with other teachers.
 Don’t use items from the test to teach concepts to
 Don’t let students leave the room and return to
continue on the same subtest.
Test Security Training 2014-2015
More Test Administration Don’ts
 Don’t give students breaks or allow them to talk in the
midst of a subtest.
 Don’t let students take cell phones out during test
 Don’t leave tests unattended in an unlocked room.
 Don’t test students on different subtests at the same
Test Security Training 2014-2015
More Test Administration Don’ts
 Don’t leave students alone in the room when
they are testing.
 Don’t help or coach students with test answers.
 Don’t suggest that students rethink an answer
or provide hints.
 Don’t change a student’s answer or direct a
student to change an answer.
 According to state regulation a teacher’s license can be either
suspended or revoked for a testing irregularity.
Test Security Training 2014-2015
More Test Administration Don’ts
 Don’t permit students to use any unauthorized
materials during the test administration.
 Don’t take test booklets or answer documents off
 Don’t permit students to leave the room with testing
materials for any reason.
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Allowable Accommodations
 Allowable accommodations are identified in the Student
Assessment Accommodation Manual for use during the
administration of the SBA
 Accommodation and participation decisions will be made
and documented by each student’s educational team
 Use assessment accommodation(s) in daily instruction
prior to the SBA administration
 Make sure accommodations for one student do not
interfere with other students
 TAs bubble in accommodations actually used during
testing after testing is completed
Test Security Training 2014-2015
Thank You for your help!
 Questions? Call Instructional Accountability (872-6870)
 Rose-Ann McKernan (872-6815)
 [email protected]
 Dorothy Muna (872-6832)
 [email protected]
 Claudine Sanchez (872-6812)
 [email protected]
 Testing Services (848-8751)
 Ann Lesley: [email protected]
Test Security Training 2014-2015