Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme

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Transcript Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme

The Kennel Club
Scheme for
Instructors in Dog
Training and
Canine Behaviour
The Problems
• An unregulated industry - anyone can set themselves up as a dog
training/advising ‘expert’ and give training and behavioural advice
• Result = Poor practice
• People choose their ‘canine professional’ for reasons other than
• Bad advice and bad service can and does do lasting and serious
damage to dogs
• How do dog owners tell the charlatans from the dedicated and
competent professionals who have genuinely extensive and in
depth knowledge and experience?
The Solution: KCAI
• Quality – The UK’s quality benchmark for
instruction, care and teaching in the canine world –
‘the Gold Standard’.
• National - The Kennel Club is the first and only City
& Guilds approved centre for issuing national
awards in dog training, canine behaviour & care in
the UK.
• Unique – All aspects of your experience – both
academic and ‘real life’ - count towards
Key Features
KCAI the UK’s first and only national ‘teaching qualification’ for those
who work in canine care
We have now set the knowledge and experience benchmark for a
national qualification in a huge range of topics
Code of Practice = Automatic sign up to Companion Animal Welfare
Council Code of Practice
Independently verified - you don’t have to take our word for it…
The KCAI Umbrella. Members do not start ‘from scratch’ – all other
qualifications and courses fit into the KCAI standard.
Incredibly good value – the KC’s commitment to raising standards.
Joining fee for individuals from just £72.00 including VAT
The Process
What the member knows is converted into points in 3 areas:
A. Applied Knowledge of Theories: What You Know
B. Background Experience: What You Do
C. Coaching Skills: How You Teach (Communication Skills)
The member chooses the subject they wish to be accredited in such as
Rescue & Rehoming or Companion Dog Training
Portfolio = Evidence of A, B & C
Enough points = Assessment
Awards = KCAI Gold Badge and City & Guilds
KCAI Single Breed Rescue
What is it?
• The KCAI Single Breed Rescue qualification has been
developed to credit active involvement within organisations
involved with the rescue and re-homing of dogs of a single
• This qualification rewards and recognises your personal
achievement working in a single breed rescue organisation,
and your knowledge of activity and of the responsibilities of
those involved.
• It looks at crediting the skills you may have acquired in
caring for, assessing, training and re-homing an extensive
range of dogs within your breed, and at assessing, matching
and instructing new owners.
Benefits of Membership
• Protect your reputation with the badge of quality
• Access to advice, support and education to
improve and/or expand the services you offer
• Free or discounted entry to many educational
seminars and other events
• The KCAI Annual Member Event
• Regional educational events
• Newsletter
• Promotion of your organisation
A Growing Movement
• Over 1900 members
• The Scheme has grown 800% in 3 years (starting
membership of c200)
• Over 80 already accredited
• Market leader – biggest organisation of dog trainers
and allied professions in UK
• Now has reasonable brand recognition amongst KC
dog trainers
Industry Partnerships
KCAI Career Zone
in partnership with PRO PLAN
KCAI Annual Member Event
Senior Manager Business Development
Laura Colborn
[email protected]
Scheme development and management (approx. 2 days per week)
KCAI Team Leader
Aby Wojcik
[email protected]
Events, communication, marketing, website, newsletters, enewsletters,
general team management
KCAI Specialist
Clare Hitchcox
[email protected]
Administration and assessments
KCAI Specialist (part time)
Rhea Harries
[email protected]
Administration & assessments