Special Gram Sabha - Deoria (Presentation)

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Transcript Special Gram Sabha - Deoria (Presentation)

Achievements of Special gram
sabha meetings - Deoria
Special Gram-sabha meetings in 100
most vulnerable villages of Deoria
• Direct interaction of UPSACS officers with the villagers.
• IEC program along with Gram sabha attracted huge
• Excellent
coordination among the various partners
like TI, LWS project, DLN, Health dept, Oxfam
partners, PRI, and Dist administration.
• 100% monitoring of activity during 10 days
• 20 new families identified for ART.
• 3 persons in critical stage were put on ART at
GKP medical College.
• Each village has reported people living with HIV
or deaths due to HIV related OP Infection.
• A Dist level coordination meeting among
various agencies working in HIV field will be
held on 29th of every month and will be
reported to mainstreaming cell in UPSACS very
next day.
• This meeting will be held at offices of these
agencies on rotation basis.
• Meeting is being held for better coordination
and problem solving.
• The meeting will be headed by the person
heading the agency where the meeting is being
Some Glimpses of Special Gram
Sabha meeting
One Day Pradhan Sensitization
on Special Gram Sabha
Inauguration function attended by PRI
Govt and Elected Rep Attending
special Gram Sabha
Magic Show at a village in Deoria
Street Play at Special Gram
Women Gathering at Special Gram Sabha
Street play by folk troop
People attending Special Gram
sabha Meeting
Govt Health providers at Special
Gram Sabha
Village Youth at Special Gram
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