116th IRF Collection 2014 Public Summary

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Transcript 116th IRF Collection 2014 Public Summary

State of the 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation and Museum 2014

116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Inc.

Dec 2014

Museum Visitation Information


 Signed Guest Book 93 – Only 50% of Visitors Sign – Estimated visitors 180 


 1 Jan through 16 Jun – Actual Signatures – 125  17 Jun through 8 Nov – Actual Signatures – 189  Education Field Trip Visitors – 20 students and teachers in one group  After Hours Museum Events in 2014  Sons of American Revolution (SAR) - Meeting and Tour  Augusta County Historic Society -Tour   Educational and Theatr ical Presentations Supported with Credits – 2  High School - Loan of Uniforms Viewed by approximately 300  The Tuesday Mourning Players Presentations during November – Viewed by approximately 600  Special Research Visits – 1 (The John O. Marsh, Major of ST. Lo Research Team – 3 members)  Partnership Staff Visits - 2 (Virginia War Memorial, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library – 6 members each)

Total estimated “on site” visitors for 2014 – 611

Collection Status

 Estimated Total Collection – Approximately 2500 Major Items and 200 Linear Ft. of Media, Books, Documents and Papers  Status  1400+ Items Identified, in Processing, or on Exhibit  880* Items converted to searchable PDF for transition to PastPerfect Data Program  105 Items transitioned to the PastPerfect, Museum Inventory Program  90* ft of Documents and Photographs in processing  44 ft of Documents, Tapes, Films, Photos and Papers to be processed  50 ft to be converted to PDF format; 8 ft converted to PDF and awaiting PastPerfect Transition.

* Includes 311 Books in the 116 th IRF, Inc. Library Collection. Does not include the Hart Memorial Library (listed as separate inventory of books - not scheduled for digital conversion)

New or Updated Exhibits - 2014

             “Ever Forward Statue” Unveiled in France; Rotating Miniature added in Museum Regimental Medal of Honor (MOH) Exhibits updated. Sgt. Earl Gregory; Tech Sgt. Frank D. Peregoy Actual MOH, various decorations and uniform items Monticello Guard Exhibit updated and new mannequin added Civil War Saber added on exhibit with CSA CAV Officer Spanish Am War Exhibit Updated WWI H.L. Opie Exhibit, added Oil Portrait, items (Pocket Watch, Awards, etc.) WWI Collection Co E Field Table and Desk on Exhibit WWI and WWII NCO Focused Exhibits added: S/SGT Knapp WWI - 1903 Springfield Rifle; Tech Sgt. Harris; Staff Sgt. Coffman Exhibits added for WWII 75 th D-Day Anniversary WWII E.W. Opie Exhibit linked to Major Howie Exhibit. Focused on their mentor relationship documented by letters and Howie’s WWII V-Mail of 6 July 1944.

WWII D-Day Exhibits updated - added .30 Cal US. M1919A6 MG; D-Day Flotation Belt; 1903A3 Springfield Sniper Rifle, Solder Art - Canteen etching of D-Day WWII US Army small arms ammunition exhibit established WWII German M42 Machinegun added to collection. Exhibited near Peregoy Exhibit GWOT - added mannequin in uniform exhibit – Need Load Bearing Equipment



IRF, Inc. Programs Initiatives, and Opportunities 2014 - 2015

    Programs Educational Internships - James Madison University, Liberty University and VMI Partnerships – Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, Virginia War Memorial Affiliations - Augusta Country Historic Society and Stonewall Band Affiliations Conversion of 20 tapped Living Histories of D-Day WWII Vets to CD Media - Ongoing Initiatives  "Ever Forward" Monument – Completed -

Still need donations to pay off

 Fund Raising, Weapons Raffle, and Grant Requests $12,000 to $15,000 – Ongoing  Reestablishment of the US Army Regimental System with the 116 th BCT  Army National Guard (USARS-ARNG) NGR 600-82  116 th IRF, Inc. is the 116 th Infantry Regimental Museum  Artifact Searches and Funding Programs for our Collection are: • • 5th Virginia Regiments Colors, and 1st Virginia CAV Colors – Ongoing Searches with City of Staunton, VA Jed Hotchkiss's Binoculars he used to make maps for Stonewall Brigade Civil War – Located in Private Collection.

• An actual Hotchkiss Map with General Robert E. Lee’s signature is on display by City of Staunton Opportunities  Establishing dialogue with Staunton School Board for local field trips to museum  116th BCT - GWOT equipment, documents, individual and unit histories. Needed  Staunton Military Academy Collection - Continuity Of Operation Plan Program - Discussions Futures Planning – Multi-Use Facility to promote and maintain Education, History, the Arts, Culture, and Music of Augusta County while promoting tourism and enhancing the economy. Long Range Planning

 

Proposed Research Projects, Unit Histories, and Individual Living Histories

The Collection “To Do List” and Volunteer Projects  Global War on Terror (GWOT) Fallen Heroes – Awaiting 116 th BCT Input  116th IRF, Inc. Events and Board Meeting Dates posted on Web Site and Museum  Speakers Bureau – Point of Contact Von Hardesty  Rotary Club POC Bob Moody,  AM Legion, VFW, DAV Retirement Communities – TBA  Lectures Program at UVA, Other Forums – Ted Shuey and Von Hardesty Research Projects, Unit Histories, and Individual Living Histories – 116 th BCT and Volunteers  John O. Marsh – Living History, Volunteer Needed  JTF Normandy in Kuwait – LTC Epperly  JTF 116th/183rd Deployments Iraqi and Afghanistan – MG Williams, BG Ottner  116th Regimental Commanders 1742 through Present, Volunteer Needed   116th Regimental Senior Regimental Non Commissioned Officers 1742 to Present, Volunteer Needed The Story of Major (Retired) Reese T. Gurbert, 116 th Regiment Soldier, Historian, Lineage Genealogist, Photographer, and Achieves Founder - February 10, 1884 - January 2, 1962, Volunteer Needed

Volunteer Program and Sponsors

        8 - 10 Volunteers currently. We need more volunteers.

We have flexible dates and hours during the BOD meeting weeks to accommodated volunteers (Tues – Sat)  Call or contact Craig for scheduling. Phone 757-635-4856; [email protected]

 Remote Virtual Collection Inventory Tools allows interactive help from home. Online training provided.

We are soliciting qualified museum professionals and regimental members to be and available as Board Members or Associates  Please contact us via our web-site. Elections in Jan 2015.

The Foundation has no paid staff, State or Federal Funds – Grants being requested.

News Letters and Web Site 116thfoundation.org input always needed - Web Master Frank Dillon [email protected]

The Foundation is a member of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) Museum open Monday through Saturday 1000 through 1700 

Museum Access support provided by the Spoils of War – Ends in 2015 – Date TBA

 Volunteers needed to keep the Museum open to the public and support our 503(c) not for profit status Major Sponsors   Luray Caverns VENTURES INC.

   VFW and American Legion 29 th Division Association Posts Regimental Members and Friends