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Vineland Commercial

Site Address: 7626 N. Vineland Ave. (A.P.N. 2409015040) 7634 N. Vineland Ave. (A.P.N. 2409016020) 7630 N. Vineland Ave. (A.P.N. 2409016022) The project is situated on the west side of Vineland Ave. between Saticoy and Keswick Street.

Zimas Map

Entitlements Request:

1. Community Plan change.

2. Zone change from R-1 to C2-1.

3. Zone variance for early construction start.

Neighborhood Aerial View:

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Neighboring Properties

North: 12 unit apartment building West: Multi-family residential East: Single Family residential South: Commercial Building

Area Photographs

Facing northeast of the property Facing west of subject property Northeast corner of Vineland & Saticoy Northwest corner of Vineland & Saticoy Southeast corner of Vineland & Saticoy

Project Synopsis:

Proposal consists of a 2 story building with first story commercial retail of 10,465 sq. ft. and second floor office Space of 10,389 sq. ft.

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Lot Size: Irregular Lot Area: 32,252.5 sq. ft. (.74 acres) Allowable building area under C2-1 zone: 48,378.75 sq. ft.

Proposed building area: 20,854 sq. ft.

• • • • •

Required parking: 59 spaces Provided parking: 66 spaces Building site coverage: 34.1% Parking area: 13,100 sq. ft. (42.2%) Hardscape area: 1,600 sq. ft. (5.1%)

Landscaped area: 5,765 sq. ft. (18.6%) of total area; (28%) of parking area

Site Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Roof Plan

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Distance from north side property line to building: 53 ft.

Distance from east property line to building:

44 ft. to building height of 25’-0”; 84’-0” to building height of 30’-0”

13 ft. to building height of 25’-0”; 53’-0” to building height of 30’-0”

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Planting Plan