Bailes del Mundo Hispano

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Los Bailes del Mundo Hispano
El Flamenco
El Flamenco
• De España
• Dance and music of the gypsies (gitanos)
of southern Spain
• Features guitar, clapping hands,
sometimes castanets along with chanting
• Strong quick footwork
• Delicate, smooth hand movements
• Can be danced alone or with a partner
Más del Flamenco…
• Joaquín Cortés – famous flamenco dancer
de España
• Jennifer Lopez – de Nueva York de padres puertorriqueños
– encorporated flamenco (and salsa) in her 1st concert
– danced flamenco with Joaquín Cortés
in her 1st concert
• Gypsy Kings – banda famosa de España
– flamenco musicians and singers
» Sang “Hay un amigo en mi”
on Toy Story 3 soundtrack
» Other famous songs are “Bamboleo” and “Volaré”
El Tango
El Tango
De Argentina
Passionate, romantic
Shows love/hate struggle
Couple’s dance with quick intertwining footwork,
dips, and close partnering often featured on
“Dancing with the Stars.”
• Antonio Banderas – actor de España
– Danced the tango
in the movie
“Take the Lead”
Jessie and Buzz
El Merengue
El Merengue
• De la República Dominicana
• Features African rhythms (ritmos
africanos) and brass instruments
• Left, right, left, right steps (like marching)
• Elvis Crespo – un cantante del merengue
– Suavemente (popular song)
La Salsa
La Salsa
(click on pic)
• De Puerto Rico
• Mix of meringue, jazz, and other types of music
• Front to center, pause/back to center,pause dance steps
• Celia Cruz (cantante cubana)
– Famous for saying <<¡Azúcar!>>
• Tito Puente (músico puertorriqueño)
– <<Oye Cómo Va>> was a famous song of his
– It was covered by Carlos Santana for which he
earned a Grammy Award.
La Cumbia
La Cumbia
• De Colombia
• Accordion is a key instrument.
• Step behind with right foot, then back to
center, pivot, pause (repeat step with left
foot starting)
• Selena Quintanilla Perez had a hit called
<<Baila Esta Cumbia.>>