Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (Chapter 31) Eligibility

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Transcript Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (Chapter 31) Eligibility

Vocational Rehabilitation &
Employment (Chapter 31)
Veterans must have at least a VA Service-Connected disability
rating of 10% to apply for Vocational Rehabilitation &
Employment (VR&E) services. Active duty servicemembers may
also apply, but must either:
• Receive a temporary memorandum disability rating of 20%, or
• Be found to be medically unfit to perform the duties of his or
her office, grade, rank, or rating due an injury or illness
incurred in the line of duty (automatic eligibility)
Benefits & Services
• Interest & aptitude testing
• Vocational exploration & employment services
• 100% payment of tuition and fees for approved
• 100% payment for required books, supplies, and
• Subsistence allowance upon discharge
Please note that approved services vary based on
the particular needs of each individual.
Application Process
Application submission must include:
• VA Form 28-1900 and PEB Referral or Military
Service Status Referral (MSSR), or
• VA Form 28-1900 and VA Form 28-0588 (Notice
to VA Service Center) and copies of medical
documentation sufficient to render a temporary
20% service-connected rating
Submit documents to: Copeland Soldier Service Center
Bldg. 18010, Room A313D or A313C
Ft. Hood, TX
Processing & Approvals
Applications are processed via the Waco VA Regional Office
Applicants will receive appointment letter in 2-3 weeks
Note that enrollment in courses under VR&E while still on active
duty will require approval by Commander.
Contact Information
Soldier & Family Assistance Center
Bldg. 36051
Ft. Hood, TX
Copeland Soldier Service Center,
Bldg. 18010, Room A313D or A313C
Ft. Hood, TX
Or Call toll free: 1-800-827-1000