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Modern Century
A Dubai based Hotel Management company
introducing three distinct Brands
Modern Century “Plaza Hotels”
a five star rated hotel
Modern Century “Court Hotels”
a four star rated hotel
Modern Century “agate Hotels”
a health conscious hotel well positioned on the
top end of the market
Our Objectives
To deliver a unique hospitality experience through promoting a
healthier lifestyle starting in the MENA region and planning for
further expansion.
To build three unique brands ( Luxury hotels, mid-scale hotels &
serviced apartments) to meet the needs of our customers and
to create lasting memories for both leisure & corporate
To Position our brands as innovative, health-conscious hotels
that deliver exceptional service at an exceptional value.
To hire high performers & experienced hospitality professionals.
To develop a Marketing Plan to promote our brands and highlight the
unique selling proposition of each.
To use effective Marketing tools (e.g. E-business, Advertising & PR) to
produce optimal results.
To create Loyal business & leisure travelers by using reward programs.
To be the preferred hotel guest choice in each of the MENA capital
cities & Resorts sites.
To develop well focused and individual marketing and business plans
for each branded hotel in our network ensuring the delivery of the
anticipated financial performances and capital returns for shareholders
and partners.
Investment Drivers
A steady growth of incoming tourism volumes within the Middle East and
North Africa region over the last five years with clear indications of
The emergence of a more sophisticated traveler that demands and
expects a variety of newly defined hotel services.
An exponential regional growth in the development of hotels, mixed-use
and tourism projects and a broad based regional urban planning
Growth in Intra-regional travel markets, supported by the increased
operations of airline carriers, an improved road infrastructure and the
introduction of high quality railway and railroad networks.
A move away from imported and impersonal hotel products that
makes no significant difference to the consumers and add little
value to asset and capital hotels & tourism investments in the
Operations efficiencies and economies of scale in hotel services,
marketing and operations.
Better use of existing human & physical resources within the
Building on a successful worldwide corporate structure and market
reputation through CHA International “Consultants of Hospitality
Administrators” established since 1998.
The Firm's corporate offices are located in California and Cairo. In
December 2002 the UAE licensed office of "CHA International " was
launched at the prestigious Media City in Dubai with a successful
connection with both business and corporate industries of the GCC
Since 2002 CHA International expanded to 29 locations / office around the
Globe while servicing the Hotel and Hospitality industry in all five continents.
The scope of "CHA" activities range from consulting on specific operation /
management strategy to direct management contracting.
The mission of MENA Travel Awards is to achieve excellence and
eminent endurance in the Middle East Hospitality industry global
aspiration, through
-Annually recognizing and rewarding real virtuosities and superior
services in the Region.
-Encouraging even higher standards and applaud the exceptional effort
made by so many of the Industry members.
-Stimulate the Hospitality competition spirit in order to reach higher
levels of brilliances, within the region.
-Motivate the cooperation and team work amongst the industry's various
segments, develop value packages and better provide the end users
with regional value added services.
Vast experience and knowledge of the International hotel
Technical strength and professional approach
Young, contemporary & mobile
Consistent delivery of product quality and services
Select locations for hotels as well as resort projects
Home grown, world-class, full service and fully licensed hotels
Contemporary architectures with features that stand the test of time
and reflect the comfort of discerning lifestyle
Unique interior design features for immediate recognition and
market longitude
Create a, healthy, innovative and luxurious hospitality and nutrition
options for hotel guests clearly setting our hotel brands ahead of
the others.
Wellness, health & fitness and recreation are at the core of MCH
brand values. AGATE Hotels offer unique lifestyle facilities aimed at
attracting the savvy traveler and the local community alike.
Modern Century Plaza provides a full service and licensed hotel
Typically developed in high traffic, popular key City Centers
locations and Resorts areas.
The MCP Hotels and Towers respond to increased need for urban
hotel facilities, incorporating ample car parking space and an array
of signature catering outlets.
When in a Resort location, MCP will typically be a low rise property
spread over a larger plot.
It features extensive recreation, leisure and health facilities.
Increasingly focused on family occupancy, it will offer larger rooms
and feature a higher ratio of inter-connecting units.
Food & Beverage
Individuality for each restaurant and catering venue run as an
autonomous profit center
Highly themed through service selection, design, furniture and
equipment, staff uniforms, food variety, service, presentation and overall
Each outlet manager will develop their own base of loyal clients
All day dining open concept dominated by centre piece bar/counter with
live cooking facility.
MCP will have a minimum of two restaurants and one lounge including :
-All Day Dining Concept
-Specialty Restaurant
-24 hours room service
A mid-scale Four Star hotel, Modern Century Court, is
located within the cities’ business districts.
The MCC Hotels and Towers respond to increased
need for practical hotel living in urban and peripheral
MCC responds to the demand for a shorter hotel stay with a lower
guest dependency on in-house food & Beverage consumption,
however, with no compromises on quality of standards and services.
When in a Resort location, MCC will typically be a low rise property.
It features some recreation, leisure and health facilities.
Food & Beverage
A well designed, comfortable and spacious restaurant
will cater to the needs of the in-house guest.
The hotel main restaurant will benefit from direct
sunlight, offering attractive views and will operate
around the clock.
Highly themed through service selection, design,
furniture and equipment, staff uniforms, food variety,
service, presentation and overall atmosphere
MCC will have a minimum of one restaurant and one
lounge including :
-All Day Dining Concept plus a menu service
agate is a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It is a Connection to the Natural
World. Known as a healing gemstone, agate is primarily used to help
bring positive changes.
agate hotels are more than just accommodations – it’s a way of life
and state of mind that’s based on the philosophy that fulfillment is
found by enriching the mind, body and soul through a healthy lifestyle.
On arrival, guests are offered a complimentary health & wellness
consultation, designed around their goals and objectives, current state
of health and ability to achieve those goals.
An advisor will help guests achieve the most out of
their stay by devising a personal program of
treatments and services.
We offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation
to achieve wellness and longevity with a full range
of health and wellness treatments.
All treatments are registered and administered by
our expert health professionals that include
consulting doctors, naturopaths, fitness instructors,
spa therapists, nutritionists and alternative health
Whether staying for a week or for two days, our
programs are focused on balancing and
rejuvenating the mind, body and soul.
Agate programs are tailored to suit your individual
lifestyles, whilst simultaneously improving your
quality of life through the integration of naturopathic
and conventional remedies.
The Team
Dr. Sam Saker – President & CEO
Willy Ribbe – Sr. VP Operation
R. Stephanos – Corporate Director Technical
Adam C. Berke – Nutrition Director
Magdy Saad Ghanem - VP Development
Mohamed Manoury – Corporate Director of Finance
Eric Hafner – Corporate Director of HR
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