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Green Development Initiative in
Myanmar Delegates
Ministry of Environmental Conservation
and Forestry (MOECAF)
ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Forum 2011
Innovation for Green Development, Nanning, China
22 October, 2011
Presentation Outlines
Country profile
Environmental status
Institutional arrangement
Green Development Policy and law
Green Development Initiative
Issues and the way forward for Green
Land Use Status of Myanmar
Land Category
Area ( ,000 ha) % of Land Area
Other Wooded land
Other land
Inland water bodies
Institutional Arrangement
• The Government pays great attention to conserving the
environment and preventing its degradation, loss of biodiversity, etc.,
• Environmental management is increasingly being accorded as
priority on the national agenda.
National Environmental Conservation Committee
• NECC has been reformed as a focal point for national
environmental conservation and international cooperation in
place of NCEA.
• National Commission for Environmental Affairs (NCEA) was
organized in 1990 for the overall environmental management
in the country.
- To act as the focal point and coordinating agency for
environmental matters and promoting environmentally sound
and sustainable development.
Ministry of Environmental Conservation and
Forestry (MOECAF)
• Ministry of Forestry has been changed to Ministry of
Environmental Conservation and Forestry in 2011
• Under MOCAF,
- Planning and Statistic Department,
- Forest Department,
- Dry Greening Department and
- Myanmar Timber Enterprise.
• Department of Environmental Conservation is now
approved by President to set under the Ministry for the
effective implementation of environmental conservation
and management in Myanmar
Green Development Policy and Laws
National Environmental Policy
• Aim to establish sound environmental policies in the
utilization of natural resources to conserve environment
and prevent its degradation
• To achieve harmony and balance between socioeconomic, natural resources and environment through the
integration of environmental considerations into the
development process enhancing the quality of the life of
all its citizens.
Policy and Laws related Green
Myanmar Agenda 21
The purpose is to mobilize and focus national efforts to
cont:achieve sustainable development.
The policy strategies and actions on social, economic and
environmental dimensions are clearly depicted in the agenda.
National Strategy for Sustainable Development
Myanmar's NSDS vision is "Wellbeing and Happiness
for Myanmar People". Three goals identified are:
- Sustainable management of natural resources;
- Integrated economic development; and
- Sustainable social development.
Policy and Laws related Green
• Apart from the National Environmental Policy, 60 legal
instruments existing sectoral policies, law and regulations
relating to the management and conservation of the
environment .
• National environmental law approved by President is being
submitted to be finally adopted at Parliament.
• The highlights in terms of green development in the law are:
- To encourage green economy and to adopt its strategies and
action plan in order to mainstream into the development sectors.
- To conduct the developing projects in cooperated with
environmental management plan to mitigate
impacts and monitoring system on implementation.
Policy and Laws related Green Development
• Focusing on biodiversity conservation and
environmental stability while the sustainable
development of forest resources in enhancing socioeconomic development. (Forest Policy-1994)
• It also encourages to motivation and share of
management responsibilities with people in terms of
private and community forest investments both
fulfillment of the basic needs of people and
environmental conservation. (Forest Law-1992)
Policy and Laws related Green
• The Law highlights habitat maintenance and
restoration, protection of endangered species of
both fauna and flora, establishment of national
heritage parks and naturally protected areas for
nature conservation. ( Wildlife, wild plant and
Natural areas law 1994)
• Supporting the economic development and basic
needs of local community while conserving the
environmental stability (CF Instruction- 1995)
National Environmental
Performance Assessment (EPA)
• The national EPA report was prepared under the
guidance of a national coordination committee (NCC)
with participation of 21 agencies and departments.
• Seven key priority areas of environmental concerns
are identified:
• Forest Resources
Threats to Biodiversity
Land degradation
Water resources management
Solid waste management
Air pollution
Climate change
Myanmar’s stand to Green
• Green development seeks to remove the trade-off
between environmental sustainability and
economic growth.
• Myanmar assumes low carbon green development
as a new developmental policy which ensures
ecologically sustainable economic development.
• Myanmar therefore supports the shift towards the
low carbon green development by East Asia
Green Development Initiative:
Nature and Biodiversity Conservation
• Permanent Forest Estate cover about
24% and PAS is about 3.93% of the
country area
• So far, 32 wildlife sanctuaries, 1 nature
reserve and 3 national parks, have been
formed and managed.
• PFE and PAS will be increased up to
30% and 10% respectively.
Green Development Initiative:
Forestry Sector
• Forest Plantations
• Nation-wide tree planting program
• Forest development in border areas
• Private plantations and community
• Stabilizing the shifting cultivation
• Watershed Plantations
• Mangrove conservation
• Dry zone greening programs
Green Development Initiative:
Industrial and Energy Sectors
 Targets to create a Low Carbon Society
 To encourage people (end user) to reuse, reduce and recycle
waste and use energy efficiently
 To improve appropriate technologies for recycling processes.
 To change the raw material for energy friendly product
 To make process design for less waste and energy efficiency
 To encourage clean energy generation
Clean Fuel
• Switching fuel from
diesel and gasoline to
compress natural gas
in the place of petrol
and diesel
• More than 25000
numbers of Diesel
gasoline powered
vehicles are modified
into CNG vehicles
CO2 Equ. Total Emission(ton)
CO2 Equ. Total
Creation of Green Development
Clean Energy
Efficient LED with
Solar Power
Gel-Type Battery
CNG Filling
Issues for Green Development
initiative in Myanmar
• Limited knowledge, research and resources to support
investment in green development
• Lack of understanding about green strategy, practices
and operations in development sectors
• Limited capacity and institutional structure
• Lack of environmental sound technology
• Financial insufficiency
The way forward for Green
Development initiative
• To formulate green development strategy and mainstreaming
into national development plan
• To strengthen institutional arrangement and the capacity
building, and also the coordination mechanism for integrting
among different sectors and NGOs, privates and local
• To raise people awareness and participation for environmental
conservation in terms of green development, green growth and
green economy
• To encourage research for clean and low carbon technology to
be more efficient use of resource and energy.
• To initiate and create opportunity for green business in key
• To develop green financial mechanism and also seeking to find
financial assistance
• To promote regional and international cooperation
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