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Educational Access on the Border: Deferred
Action, Lottery Eligibility and Financial Aid
Immigrant Student Issues Committee
Laura Gutiérrez Spencer
Delia Deleón
Marlene Meléndez
Immigrant Student Issues
Was established to answer questions relating to
students who are:
• U.S. Citizens or official U.S. Residents who
graduated from a foreign high school.
• US Citizens/Residents who graduated from a U.S.
high school but have L.E.P.
• Students with Deferred Action
• Undocumented Students
Mission of Immigrant Student Issues
To provide information within the NMSU
system and the outlying communities of New
Mexico relating to current state law and NMSU
policy (based on said law) regarding students in
the aforementioned statuses.
Can I study?
Students in ALL categories described are able to
study at public community colleges or universities in
the state of New Mexico as long as they:
1) Meet the academic entrance requirements
2) Are able to pay tuition, fees, books and living expenses or
3) Are able to obtain these resources through various
combinations of scholarships, financial aid and /or
employment. (Not all students in these categories are able to
receive federal financial aid, nor are they all able to be
employed on campus.)
Where does an undergraduate international
student start???
If a student has a student visa OR is the dependent of a person with a student
visa, the student starts the admissions process at :
International Student & Scholar Services
Garcia Annex, Room 246
• Las Cruces campus
Ph # 575-646-2736
Undergraduate and graduate students are required to have a TOEFL English score
(unless they have a U.S. High school diploma, college/university degree, or a degree
from an English-speaking country (list available) ).
International Student & Scholar Services
Contact Information
Mary Jaspers
Garcia Annex, Room 246
MSC 3547
New Mexico State University
[email protected]
B) Where does an undocumented student start???
If a student is undocumented, to study at NMSU, Las
Cruces campus they can begin the process at Chicano
Programs, Room 138 García Annex.
Ask to speak to Dr. Spencer
Undocumented students can also begin the process at the
Admissions Office at the Educational Services Office
at the NMSU Las Cruces Campus.
Ask to speak to Delia De Leon.
Undocumented Students and
the NMSU Application Form
• When filling out the NMSU Application for Admission form,
individuals without official immigration status should check
“other” when answering the section on citizenship/residency
Contact Info
• Chicano Programs, Rm. 138 Garcia Annex
(south of Corbett Center)
Ph # 575-646-4206 and ask for an appointment with
Dr. Laura Gutiérrez Spencer
• Admissions, Educational Services Building
Ph # 575-646-762 and ask for an appointment with
Delia De Leon
If an Undocumented student wants to study at
the Doña Ana Community College (DACC),
begin the process with:
Geraldine Martinez
DASR Building
Room 107
East Mesa Campus of
Doña Ana Community College
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Ph # 528-7244
What types of financial support are available to
undocumented students?
•Undocumented Students are eligible for the major state-funded,
and some private incoming freshman Scholarships, if the
-Resided in New Mexico for at least one year,
and graduated from a NM GED program OR attended for at
least one year and graduated from a New Mexico public high
-If the individual entered a college or university the first regular
semester after high school graduation or GED completion.
These Scholarships include:
Non-Competitive State Funded
• Opportunity
• Lottery Success
• Regents
• Crimson Academic
Scholarships (continued)
• Crimson Honors
• New Mexico Scholars
• NMSU Leadership
• President’s Associates Scholarship
For additional information on Scholarships
available for students contact:
Lisa Maynez
Scholarship Coordinator
Office of Financial Aid
DACC Room 115
(Main building)
[email protected]
575- 528-7255
Jamie Lopez
Scholarship Advisor
Office of Financial Aid
Educational Services
Las Cruces campus
[email protected]
Undocumented students are NOT eligible to:
 Receive State-funded Work Study or Federal
Financial Aid.
 Work on campus, either through Work Study
or Student Employment
In order to be hired, an I-9 document (with a legitimate Social
Security Number, US Birth Certificate or other official US document
named on the I-9 form that establishes US employment eligibility)
must be filed with the NMSU/DACC Human Resources offices.
Student Services for undocumented
• There is no citizenship or official residency requirement for
students to live in campus housing or to use the campus dining
• They simply must have the resources to pay for the services,
whether it be through scholarship funding or their own means.
• There is no citizenship or official residency requirement for
students to access general academic and student services
available to NMSU/DACC students (based on their full-time
or part-time status).
• Veteran’s services, Study Abroad, National Exchange
programs, and Athletics travel programs are all problematic
without official U.S. documentation
What is Deferred Action?
• “Deferred Action” is a policy of the Obama administration. It
is not law.
• Deferred Action is not “The Dream Act”
Individuals must apply for Deferred Action to the Federal
A student can obtain an official Work Permit through Deferred
Does not mean that the student has “legal status”.
Students with Low-English
• Even U.S high school grads may be new to the
US and have low English proficiency, making
them eligible for the Center for English
Language Programs
• (CELP) Call 575-646-3629
Regents Row B205
• or ESL (CCDL) classes at
• Doña Ana Community College
Where do U.S. Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents
who have graduated from a foreign high school start?
Doña Ana Community College (DACC)
Geraldine Martinez
DACC Admissions,
Student Resource Bldg. Rm 107
East Mesa Campus
2800 Sonoma Ranch
Las Cruces, NM
Where do U.S. Citizens or Legal Permanent
Residents who have graduated from a foreign
high school start?
Delia De Leon
NMSU Las Cruces Campus
Admissions Office Educational Services Bldg.
Near corner of University Ave and Arrowhead Drive.
Ph # 575-646-3121
• These students who come to DACC/NMSU with a nonEnglish transcript, must have their transcript translated before
DACC or NMSU Admissions can admit them.
• These students also need to take the SAT or ACT exam
• These students may also have low English proficiency making
them eligible for the CELLP Program at NMSU or ESL
classes at DACC.
NOTE: These students DO NOT need to go through
International Programs.
U.S. Citizens who Graduate from High
School outside of the U.S.
• These students ARE eligible for federal
financial aid.
They still need to take the SAT/ACT test.
Immigrant & non-immigrant students may
qualify for:
• Chicano Programs
• Center for Intensive Training in English(CITE)
• ONLY US Citizens & Legal Permanent Residents may qualify
College Assistance Migrant Program (C.A.M.P.)