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OCIECE EACJ5300/ELG7114i - 2013 Winter Term
Renewable and Distributed Energy
Resource Technologies
Course Introduction
Xiaoyu Wang, Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics, Carleton University
Contact Information
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone: 613-520-2600 ext. 1049
• Office hour: Wednesday 3:00pm-4:00pm, 7076 Minto Center
• Assignment
• Mid-term exam
• Project
• Final exam
20 %
20 %
40 %
20 %
One computer-based
Take home exam
Feb. 18 – Feb. 24
Due on Apr. 22
Take home exam
Apr. 9 – Apr. 18
All the materials are submitted to [email protected]
electronically before deadlines.
• Individual or group (maximum two students) project
• Each student (group) is required to submit a one-page project
proposal for consideration on January 29th.
• Project report and simulation files are required to submit.
• Simulation Tool
• Matlab/Simulink-SymPowerSystems: Canal Building 3104
(Ottawa Hydro Lab), Mackenzie Building (ME4128, ME4166), Minto
Center (MC6030)
• ETAP: Canal Building 3104 (Ottawa Hydro Lab)
• Jan.7-Jan.13 Power system basics
• Jan.14-Jan.20 Power system analysis methods
• Jan.21-Jan.27 Modeling and control of PV systems
• Jan.28-Feb.3 Grid connection of PV systems
• Feb.4-Feb.10 Modeling and control of wind generation systems
• Feb.11-Feb.17 Grid connection of wind generationsystems
• Feb.25-Mar.3 Modeling and control of energy storage units
• Mar.4-Mar.10 Grid connection of energy storage units
• Mar.11-Mar.17 Electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid technology
• Mar.18-Mar.24 Distributed generation anti-islanding
• Mar.25-Mar.31 Power quality issues on distributed generation
• Apr.1-Apr.7 Modeling, control and operation of microgrid
Reference books
• Electric machinery fundamentals (Chapman)
• Power systems analysis and design (Glover)
• Power electronics, converters, applications and design (Mohan)
• Doubly fed induction machine: modeling and control for wind
energy generation (Wiley)
• Integration of distributed generation in the power system
• Optimization of photovoltaic power systems: modelization,
simulation and control (Springer)
• Microgrids and active distribution networks (IET)