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 Greater Miami Valley EMS Council was approached by
member agencies with concerns about mutual aid:
 Some agencies had uncertainties regarding which
agencies are and are not signatories to the Greater
Dayton Area Fire Departments’ Mutual Aid Agreement
 A number of agencies in the region are not in the
 Some uncertainties regarding what is covered
 GMVEMSC discussed issues with:
 Greater Montgomery County Fire Chiefs’ Association
(GMCFCA, home agency for the agreement)
 Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
 GMVEMSC agreed to:
 Identify which agencies are not members in the
Assist those agencies with the process of joining the
agreement (should they choose to)
Maintain a copy of the agreement on the GMVEMSC
website (
Maintain a current list of signatories to the agreement
on the GMVEMSC website
Provide an educational program (this presentation) on
the GDAFDMAA, available for download on the website
 GMVEMSC will contact all member agencies that are
not currently signatories to the GDAFDMAA and let
them know they are eligible
 ORC 9.60 is the statutory authority allowing private fire
companies and private emergency service organizations
to enter into contracts with governmental entities for
mutual aid.
 Procedures for joining the GDAFDMAA are in later in
this presentation
 The Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney’s
 Is the repository for all signed agreements
 Simply a legal repository
 Sends any additions or deletions to each party to this
 Will notify GMVEMSC when departments join (or
leave) the plan, so that the list on the website can be
kept up to date
 In emergency services, mutual aid is an agreement
among emergency responders to lend assistance
across jurisdictional boundaries.
 Assistance given when a jurisdiction’s resources
are inadequate for current needs, whether for one
incident or multiple incidents.
 Strengthens existing working relationships between
The primary goal of mutual aid is to provide additional
resources in a timely manner when there is a critical
shortage of resources in a jurisdiction, or to best meet
 It is a multijurisdictional effort dedicated to protecting
life, property and the environment in critical times of
 The term “fire protection” includes personal services and
equipment required for the protection of life and
property from fire, firefighting and/or emergency
medical services.
 The term “emergency response” includes necessary
services to respond to a fire, health, safety (not
including law enforcement) or environmental
incident that threatens life, property or environment.
 Additional units such as fire apparatus, medic units
and Hazmat can be called at any given time to
respond to another jurisdiction if needed.
 Simply contact other agency’s Dispatch Center
 Note well: the GDAFDMAA is NOT a Montgomery
County mutual aid plan
 It is and always has been a regional plan with
departments from many counties
 GDAFDMAA is NOT the Ohio Fire Chief’s Emergency
Response Plan (ERP)
 ERP is intended for major incidents
 GDAFDMAA is for BOTH day to day needs AND for
major incidents
 An agreement is based on section 505.44 and 9.60 of
the Ohio revised code to provide assistance to other fire
and emergency responders when there is a need for
additional resources.
 No charge shall be made to any party to this
Agreement for services rendered by any other
contracting party (parties) under the provision of
this Agreement.
 Note: Does not preclude charging patients for EMS; just
can’t charge agencies who signed the Agreement
 No
 There shall be no reimbursement for :
 loss or damage to equipment while engaged in an
activity in accordance with Agreement
 any indemnity award or premium contribution assessed
against the employing party for workmen’s
compensation benefits arising by reason of injury or
death to a member of the defined agency while
engaged in rendering services under this Agreement
 No limit on number of agencies who can join the
 By signing, agency becomes part of "a single
 Other agencies do not have to re-sign agreements each
time another agency joins or leaves
 All counterparts filed with office of Montgomery
County Prosecutor
 Official depository for Agreement
 Non-expiring agreement
 Any party may withdraw with 30 days written notice
 Z Fire Department is fighting a major structure fire
and requires additional Ladders
 ZFD receives an EMS call when all ZFD’s EMS units are
on other responses
 ZFD has a structural collapse at a hazardous materials
facility, and requires rescue units, MCI units, as well as
additional EMS and Engines
 In all these examples, ZFD requests mutual aid help
from a nearby jurisdiction that can provide assistance
at the time
 We’re all part of Public Safety response
 All public safety agencies have times when they are
unable to meet the demands placed on them
 GDAFDMAA provides a huge resource pool for
agencies to call on
 Part of the “whole community” response concept
 Agreement provided for Montgomery county and
surrounding counties, including Butler, Clark, Darke,
Greene, Hamilton, Miami, Preble, Shelby, Warren, &
 At any given time the departments in these counties in
the agreement can respond to other jurisdictions
to provide resources in a timely fashion
Map of the Greater
Dayton Area FD
Mutual Aid
Greater Dayton Area
Mutual aid map
(as of the time of this PowerPoint)
City of Fairfield F.D.
Fairfield Township F.D.
Liberty Township F.D.
City of Middletown F.D.
Milford Township F.D.
Ross Township F.D.
Village of Seven Mile F.D.
Sommerville F.D.
Wayne Township F.D.
Bethel Township F.D.
Harmony Township
Volunteer F.D.
City of New Carlisle F.D.
Pike Township F.D.
Springfield Township
Ansonia F.D.
Arcanum F.D.
Arcanum Rescue Services
Greenville F.D.
Greenville Emer. Rescue Serv.
Hollansburg Volunteer F.D.,
Liberty Township F.D.
New Madison Volunteer F.D.
Village of Pitsburg F.D.
Rossburg Fire Assoc.
Village of Versailles F.D.
City of Bellbrook F.D.
City of Fairborn F.D.
City of Xenia F.D.
Beavercreek Twp. F.D.
Cedarville Twp. F.D.
Jefferson Township F.D.
Miami Township F.D.
New Jasper Township F.D.
Silver Creek Township F.D.
Spring Valley Township F.D.
Sugarcreek Township F.D.
Xenia Township F.D.
Municipality of Brookville F.D.
Butler Township F.D.
City of Clayton F.D.
City of Dayton F.D.
City of Englewood F.D. & EMS
Farmersville Fire Assoc. Inc.
City of Germantown F.D.
City of Huber Heights F.D.
Harrison Township F.D.
Jefferson Township F.D.
Germantown Rescue Squad, Inc.
City of Kettering F.D.
Miami Township F.D.
City of Moraine F.D.
City of Miamisburg F.D.
City of Oakwood F.D.
Village of New Lebanon F.D.
Village of Phillipsburg F.D.
City of Riverside F.D.
City of Trotwood Fire & Rescue
City of Union F.D. & EMS
City of West Carrollton F.D.
Washington Township F.D.
City of Vandalia F.D.
Bradford Fire & Rescue
Svcs., Inc.
Casstown Volunteer F.D.
Laura Fire Co., Inc.
Ludlow Falls F.D., Inc.
West Milton Fire Co., Inc.
City of Tipp City F.D.
City of Troy F.D.
Bethel Twp. Fire Co., Inc.
City of Piqua F.D.
City of Eaton F.D.
Village of Eldorado F.D.
Village of Gratis F.D.
Village of Lewisburg F.D.
Camden-Somers Twp. F.D.
Village of Verona F.D.
Village of West Alexandria
West Manchester F.D.
Northwest Fire &
Ambulance Dist.
Loveland-Symmes F.D.
City of Sidney Dept. Of
Fire & Emergency
Village of Carlisle F.D.
Clearcreek Fire District
City of Franklin F.D.
Joint Emergency Medical Svc.
City of Lebanon F.D.
Salem-Morrow F.D.
Deerfield Township F.D.
City of Mason F.D.
Franklin Township F.D.
Hamilton Township F.D.
Harlan Township F.D.
Massie Township F.D.
Turtle Creek Township F.D.
Union Township F.D.
Wayne Township F.D.
Wright Patterson Air Force Base Fire
 In the event of emergency and on request of another
fire department by the highest ranking officer of that
department on duty at the time of the emergency
 Each party to this Agreement will furnish fire
department personnel and equipment, IF the highest
ranking officer on duty at the requested agency is of the
opinion that such personnel and equipment is available
 Response is NOT required
 Agencies determine at the time of each request if they can or
can’t provide the requested resource
 Agreement shall not give rise to any liability or responsibility, including
but not limited to:
 failure to respond to any request for assistance
 lack of speed in answering such a request
 inadequacy of equipment
 negligent operation of equipment
 failure to extinguish any fire
 or any cause whatsoever growing out of such use of fire or other equipment
and personnel
 Nor shall the requesting agency be liable for damages or loss of
equipment or personnel suffered by the party responding
 No third parties have any right of legal actions
 Download copy of Agreement from
 For a public fire department, attach copy of a Resolution from its
legislative authority (City Council, Township Trustees, etc.) authorizing
the department to enter into the Mutual Aid Agreement to executed
original of the Agreement
 Sample language for Resolution on
 Private fire companies and private emergency service organizations
(private EMS, university EMS, etc.) president or other officer who has
the authority to contractually bind the organization signs the
 In those cases, the signed agreement must be notarized.
 Submit executed original to:
 Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney
 Chief, Civil Division
 Dayton-Montgomery County Courts Building
 Post Office Box 972
 301 West Third Street
 Dayton, Ohio 45422
 The Ohio Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC),
Ohio Revised Code Section 5502.41, was enacted
into law on December 23, 2002. All political
subdivisions are automatically part of the
statewide mutual aid system.
 The purpose of IMAC is to develop and improve
intrastate mutual aid capabilities for providing
services and resources across local boundaries in
response to and recovery from any disaster
resulting in a formal declaration of emergency.
 Completely separate from the GDAFDMAA