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( BK Conveyor Culture System )
Co-developed by
Dr. Lim Sangchul and his team in Sangji University, Korea
& Bokyung Greenhouses Ltd, Korea
Facts :
The digestive system of ruminating mammals, like as cattle, goats, sheep,
camels, giraffes, deer, alpacas, water buffalo … does not fit to grain-fed.
Up to 25% of indigestion and lactic acidosis from rapid fermentation
of grain in the rumen lead to dehydration, heart failure, kidney failure,
infertility and even death.
Solution :
Feeding with fresh green fodder allows their digestive system to function
to maximum efficiency for healthier animals as genetically established.
BK Hydroponic Fodder provides, year round, clean & fresh green fodder,
increasing red blood cell count to more oxygen in blood system,
more & high quality protein, enzymes and vitamins at highest digestibility.
More fattening factors with fast recovery from tiredness and less exercises
seeking around for water are also important.
* BK Hydroponic Fodder doesn’t have fungi problems.*
Horses :
BK Hydroponic Fodder provides highly digestible fiber turning to
volatile fatty acids that are readily absorbed as a source of energy with
full of moisture. Clean and nutritious root mats and softened seeds
provide extra nutritional benefits.
Horses are subject to oxidative stress from their exertion that can be
solved with the anti-oxidants contained in fresh leafy plants
With sensitive stomach of horses, the gastric ulceration is a problem.
BK Hydroponic Fodder provides young sprouted grass that contains
anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory properties, which replace ulcer
treating drugs and can be fed before and after racings.
BK Hydroponic Fodder also provides Folic Acid, Omega-3 fatty acids,
Chlorophylls and mixed Carotenoids.
Other practices for Micro-greens & Nurseries
Growth Test
4-stack model
1.7m wide x 12m long x 1.5m high
1 hp motor, speed control by inverter, controlled by sliding speed and time
Number of trays 260 ea ( 30cm x 60cm each) Net growing area : 46.8 sq.m
Production (Barley) : 1,040 kg in 7 days => 150 kg per day, from 15kg/day of dry barley
supporting 14 adult cows.
6-stack model 1.7m wide x 12m long x 2.2m high, Production 150% of 4-stack model
System without trays
Part for Root-zone Irrigation ( without trays )
Part for Root-zone Irrigation (with trays on)
Uniform Growth
Space Saving => Energy saving
Out-door & In-door installations
Year round cultivation
Root-zone irrigation => Disease control
Irrigation by speed & time controls
Light works & Labor saving
Dry working environment
<= no sprinkles
Water/Fertilizer saving
<= Re-circulated water
UV light sterilization => Disease Control
Minimal energy consumption
(Solar/Battery energy applicable)
Lighting & LED applicable
Organic cultivation
Micro-green salad cultivation
Animal feeding with fresh grasses
(Corn, Barley, Wheat, Oat, Alfalfa, Beans…. )
Pot flower cultivation
Plug tray cultivation
Root-vegetable seedlings
(Potato, Ginger, Ginseng, Bulb flowers… )
Lawn grass cultivation
for Professional Grower
Thank you
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