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Grandstream Networks, Inc.
GXV 3175 IP Multimedia Phone
Grandstream Networks, Inc.
Create a Customized Hotel App with the GXV3175v2
allow guests to check-in/check-out
• order room service
View restaurant menus/make reservations
• View local attraction or events
• Pay bill
• Internet Radio
• Set an alarm
GXV3175 v2
GXV3140 v2
GXV3175 / 3140
support 3 – Way
IP Multimedia Phone With 7” Screen LCD
IP Multimedia Phone With 4.3” LCD
1.3M pixel CMOS camera with privacy shutter
WiFi Integrated (802.11 b/g/n)
Via External WiFi USB Adapter
Dual Switched 10M / 100M Ethernet ports with integrated
Dual Switched 10M / 100M Ethernet ports (PoE pending)
Built-in Web Browser, Internet radio, Last.fm, Youtube, online photo sites including Flickr / Photobucket / Phanfare, IM
with Yahoo/MSN/Google/QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Voice, Weather, News, Video, Stock, Currency, Games,
Calendar, etc.
Multi-language (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, etc.
Integrates with Grandstream IP Surveillance Cameras!!
• 7” resistive touch screen
LCD, advanced mega pixel
CMOS camera
• 2 x USB, SD, mini HDMI,
Stereo Headset with
Grandstream Networks, Inc.
IP Multimedia Phones
Supported Codecs
• G.711
• G.722
• G.723.1
• G.729 A/B
• G.726
• iLBC
Video codecs for
IP Multimedia Phones ONLY
• H.264
• H.263
• H.263+
Telephony Features
Hold, transfer, forward, 5-way conference, busy-lamp-field (BLF), call park, pickup,
shared-call-appearance (SCA)/bridged-line-appearance (BLA), downloadable phone book
(XML, LDAP, up to 2,000 items), call waiting, call log (up to 500 records), XML
customization of screen, off-hook auto dial, auto answer, click-to-dial, flexible dial plan,
hot desking, personalized music ringtones and music on hold, server redundancy and failover
IP Multimedia Phones
Grandstream’s Multimedia Phones at Glance
• A Free Video Phone to call and see your friends-and-family for as long as
you like.
• A Music Phone to listen to millions of songs and thousands of radio
channels online
• A Youtube Phone to view/stream billions of video clips/movies online
• A Picture Phone with always-on access to top major Web photo sites for
private sharing
• A Web Phone with personalized feeds of weather/news/stocks/events and
cool Internet surfing
• A Social Phone to always stay in touch with your buddies in
• A Video Surveillance Monitoring Phone to view live streaming video from
IP surveillance cameras and receive notifications/alerts
3 Simple Business Applications on Your Grandstream
1. SEE your Customers
and Employees
Simple video calling, right out of the box
2. SEE your Business
View your video surveillance cameras on your
GXV3175, including remotely
3. SEE who is Talking
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows you to monitor
and call all extensions on your PBX from one
Buy a GXV3175 to see for yourself…