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6th International Health Tourism
Thomas Kozlowski PhD
Senior JCI Consultant
Certified Change Management
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Global Hospital Accreditation
Trends and Turkey
 Understand the JCI structure and history of
global services
 Understand how MoH of Turkey and JCI entered
into collaboration focusing on Quality Outcome
and Patient Safety Standards of Care
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 Understand the Ministry of Health (MoH) of
Turkey, and JCI accredited hospitals in Turkey
for providing services in Global Health Tourism
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The world’s leading practices
Who JCI is
Joint Commission International (JCI)
- More than 600 accredited or certified
organizations in 51 countries
- Founded in 1994
Joint Commission Resources (JCR)
- Nonprofit affiliate of The Joint
- Founded in 1986
- Quality and safety innovations
- Accreditation resources, tools for
reducing quality and safety risk areas
The Joint Commission
- Leading accrediting body for
health care institutions in the U.S.
- 19,000+ accredited organizations
- Founded in 1951
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patient safety
and quality
of care
Transforming Patient Care Across
the Globe….
 Working with the MoH of Turkey,
private Hospitals, and other healthcare
facilities for healthy solutions…
 To achieve peak performance in the
international health care community
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 To improve quality and patient safety
Transforming Patient Care Across
the Globe…
Our JCI team:
 World headquarters in North America
Regional offices in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the
Middle East
 More than 200 international consultants and
accreditation surveyors
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 A full service headquarters staff
JCI Strategies Deliver Sustainable
We focus on the highest patient-care standards and
results-oriented process improvement.
Our experts assist organizations in three ways:
- Accreditation and certification
- Education
- Technical assistance
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We are considered the “gold standard” for patient
safety and quality improvement in the global health
care community.
Leading Practices Shared with the
Our international team of experts makes JCI for
the delivery of local care
 In Turkey, JCI collaborated with the MoH
Turkey, private hospitals, and other healthcare
facilities since 2002.
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 JCI provides high-value, cost-effective services
to organizations of all sizes and at every stage in
their quality improvement journey
JCI Accreditation Programs
 Hospitals – 1997
*5th Edition effective April 2014 as a part of demand on Global
Trends with change in Medical technology / informatics.
 Ambulatory Care Clinics– 1998
 Clinical Laboratories – 1998
 Medical Transport – 2003
 Primary Care Centers – 2009
 Home Care – 2012
 Long Term Care - 2012
 Academic Medical Centers - 2013
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 International Accreditation Programs and
Start Dates:
 International Patient Safety Goals – 2007
 Tracer Methodology – 2007
 Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC) for
Disease & Condition Specific Care – 2010
 Academic Diploma in Quality Management – 2012
 Academic Diploma in Infection Control Management
– 2012
 JCI Library of 36 Measures – 2013
 Academic Medical Center & Research - 2013
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JCI Other Initiatives with Global
Medical Tourism in Mind
JCI Clinical Care Program Certification
- Heart Failure
-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
- Acute Myocardial Infarction
- Primary Stroke
- Diabetes Mellitus (Types 1 and 2)
- Chronic Kidney Disease
- End-stage Renal Disease
- Palliative Care (all types)
- Cancer (all types)
- HIV/AIDS Management
- Asthma
- Pain Management
- Transplantation (all types)
- Joint Replacement (all types)
-Traumatic Brain Injury
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15 areas of clinical care are eligible for CCPC:
JCI Accreditation helps organizations
achieve the apex of safe, quality care
Accreditation for every setting
JCI has accredited or certified more than 600 organizations in 51
- Ambulatory care – Turkey 1
- Clinical Laboratory – Turkey 2
- Home Care
- Hospital – Turkey 43
- Long Term Care
- Medical Transport – Turkey 1
- Primary Care
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Turkey has 47 JCI Accredited Organizations, with accreditation
programs in:
Locations of Turkey- JCI Accreditations
Hospitals ---- Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa,
Istanbul, Izmir, and Kocaeli
Ambulatory ----- Istanbul
Medical Transport ----- Istanbul
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Clinical Laboratory ----- Ankara
MoH Turkey with JCI Collaboration 2008-2013:
 With the local MoH Turkey leaders, JCI Senior
Consultants extended those activities to other MoH
Hospitals in the cities as below:
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 An Initial Quality Education, Assessment and Gap
Analysis designed to identify both strengths and
weaknesses in the delivery of care in selected MoH
Turkey organizations were performed in 2008
Selection and Training of Surveyors for the
Accreditation Process – Completed in 1st
QTR 2008
 More than 300 surveyors held an advanced degree
 Some had 20 years and more of health care
 Most were physicians, nurses, and administrators
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MoH Turkey and JCI began their continuous
quality improvement journey in 2008 with
the following steps:
JCI Technical Assistance to MoH Turkey to
build Staff Knowledge and Support
- Safe Health Design
- Infection Prevention and Control
- Medication Management
- Medical Transport Services
- Multidrug-resistant Organism Prevention
- Policy Development
- Root Cause Analysis
- Licensure Redesign Project
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Healthcare Organizations in Turkey worked with JCI
consultation team for improvement and sustainable
solutions in 2008:
MoH Turkey and JCI continue their
journey in 2013 with the following steps:
– Unique tracer methodology hands on training
 Evaluates the actual care a patient receives
 Tests and verifies an organization’s survey
readiness and performance improvement in several
quality-driven areas
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 Developed by the Joint Commission and first used
internationally by JCI to assist organizations
– achieve the apex of safe, quality care
 Utilized and adopted by MoH Turkey Hospital
Accreditation’s new process
MoH Turkey and JCI continue their
journey in 2013 with the following steps:
 Thorough survey process becomes Operational:
 Typical survey team consists of a physician, nurse,
and administrator
 Surveys conduct a complete system analysis on
integration and coordination of care processes
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 Surveyors evaluate various units within an
organization and meet to discuss their finding
JCI Enhanced 2013 Technical assistance
Quality and Safety Improvement Workshops Refinement
and Linkage to Turkey National Hospital Accreditation
- Safe Health Design
- Infection Prevention and Control
- Multidrug-resistant Organism Prevention
- Policy development
- Medication Management
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JCI provided support to the Ministry of Health in Turkey in
2013 in several areas:
Accreditation and Certification Preparation
- Development of Hospital Accreditation Standards
- Organizational Assessment
- Training and education of surveyors on Hospital Standards
- Simulated Survey
MoH Turkey and JCI Position for Global Medical Tourism
Quality and Safety Improvement
JCI advisors assisted MoH Turkey’s performance improvement efforts in these
quality-driven areas:
Safe Health Design — Integrates architectural design and facility engineering
with clinical safety and quality to create optimal physical environments
Infection Prevention and Control — Build and sustain a strong infection
prevention and control program with our tools, techniques and education
Medication Management — Prevents medication errors and deaths
by understanding the complex medication systems and identifying their
risk points
Quality Improvement and Management — Incorporates relevant quality
measures to achieve your continuous improvement goals
Policy Development and Management — Develops a results-oriented policy
structure that guides staff to deliver higher quality care
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MDRO Prevention — Implements leading edge, evidence-based processes to
prevent and control MDROs in the hospital
 Design and Development of Turkey’s 1st Hospital
Accreditation Standards with the support and
involvement of MoH Kamu Hastaneleri Kurumu (KHK)
senior leadership and departments
 Intensive Competency based training on Turkey’s new
Hospital Accreditation [classroom & field observation] of
60 consultants / surveyors to be finished by the end of 4th
QTR 2013.
 Operational Success is credited to MoH KHK senior
leadership and project leader coupled with the department
chairs and team members from MoH
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MoH Turkey and JCI partnership 2013
resulted in:
Hospital Accreditation Preparation – MoH
Turkey- Kamu Hastaneleri Kurumu- design with
JCI on Hospital accreditation included:
Introduction Consultation
 How to design an accreditation for trends in Turkey and globally
 Preliminary analysis of Turkey’s healthcare delivery system
strengths and weaknesses
 Prepare a plan to move forward
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 Analysis of JCI’s preparation process and what criteria could be
applied to the Turkish healthcare system for the global patient
10-14 Months
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National Accreditation of Turkey
Preparation Process
The Value of Accreditation and Certification
Create a culture of safety and quality that focuses on
continuous improvement
 Earn GLOBAL RECOGNITION with the standardized
Hospital accreditation approach to the delivery of healthcare
service/treatment. This approach links to medical tourism
fostering public trust from the global patient and recognition by
 Enhance safety and efficiency in the work environment that
contributes to staff satisfaction
 Negotiate for payment reimbursement using quality data
 Establish collaborative leadership that strives for excellence
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 Involve patients and families as partners in the care process
Collaboration that Produces Results
JCI is dedicated to making health care safer throughout the world
- Establishing strategic alliances with a variety of leading
organizations, innovators, governments, and Ministries of Health
- Developing national accreditation programs and
self-assessment systems
- Assisting in developing standards and evaluation methodologies
- Understanding and making accommodations for any
specific legal, religious, and cultural factors within a country
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- Providing education and training to health care professionals
JCI used diverse services in many ways
during their activities in Turkey, from onsite assistance to distance advising with
tools including:
- Lean
- Six- Sigma
- Change Management
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Technical assistance
Future Planning for the Global Hospital
and comfortable
 Patient Flow – How quickly can patient be seen by
doctor and supportive departments like laboratory,
radiology and pharmacy.
 Communication - Doctors will need be fluent in
another language – like English
 Medical Equipment - may need replacement with
state-of-art equipment
 Billing for service - Patients will be seeking an
affordable health safety net
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 Environment – Does it make the patient feel safe
Headquarters and regional offices
Joint Commission International
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for YOU
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JCI is there
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