25D Cyber Network Defender Trifold

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Transcript 25D Cyber Network Defender Trifold

 Infrastructure Support – Administers,
deploys, implements, and maintains
network defense tools (e.g. Routers,
Firewalls, IDS/IPS, HBSS) based on
directives and understanding of threat.
 Analyst – Collects data from network
defense tools to find/categorize anomalous
network activity and determine potential
impact. Develops mitigation strategy from
 Incident Responder – Performs event
correlation and network damage
assessment, and develops COAs for
response (Incident tracking/reporting,
forensic collection, coordination
w/analysts, recovery ops).
 Auditor – Conducts vulnerability
assessment to identify deficiencies (system
and network evaluation and penetration
 Manager – Oversees network defense
operations within their organizations.
Provides guidance and assists with
 Capable of obtaining TS-SCI
 SSG ALC Common Core/SSD II w/8 yrs
 4 yrs of experience in IA and IT
 Meet min. qualification score on the 25D InService Screening Test (ISST)
 IAT Level II or IAM Level I certification
IAW DoD 8570.01M
 Min. score of 105 in aptitude areas GT and
ST on the ASVAB
 U.S. citizen
 Meet service remaining requirements per AR
614-200 (36 months)
 Physical profile of 212221
 Normal color vision
 Deployable
14-195: Reclassification Strategy for Enlisted
Personnel to Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
25D (CYBER Network Defender) (SGT(P) - MSG)
14-196: The Regular Army Special MOS Alignment
Promotion Program (SMAPP), (Para 4.B.2 - SGT
with Common core/SSD II)
Consists of Two Parts:
-------------------Part I ICTL------------------- Information/Communications Technology
Literacy: currently measures basic knowledge of
IT; in the development to measure knowledge of
cyber related tasks
-------------------Part II TAPAS-------------------Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment
Systems: assesses up to 21 sub dimensions of the
Big Five personality factors and several additional
personality characteristics relevant to military
Sample application packet can be found on the
Office Chief of Signal (OCOS) AKO portal and
includes examples of each required form.
Self Pre-Screen:
 Interested personnel should review MOS
qualifications listed in DA PAM 611-21 prior to
packet submission
Prepare Application Packet:
NCOs will submit these required forms via email to
OCOS-ED [email protected]
 Enlisted Records Brief (with photo)
 BN Cdr or higher Letter of Recommendation
 Last Five NCOERs
 Job Experience / Credentials document
 S2 Security Clearance verification (JPAS printout
is not accepted)
 Letter of commitment for 36 month service
 Application checklist
Accession Test (25D ISST):
 After approved packet – The NCO will coordinate
with OCOS-ED and their local Education Center test
coordinator to request testing instructions and
schedule test.
Packet Approval:
 Approved NCOs will be notified via email and
will be scheduled for the 25D Cyber Network
Defender course. Initiate TS SCI .