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Transcript Corporate Powerpoint Presentation Template Option 1

Denise Clement
Skills Adviser
25 September 2014
Skills Solutions – Backgound
Skills Solutions Team
College areas
Single Point of Contact
Skills Solutions Aim
 increase take-up of our programmes by
increasing the level of direct, flexible provision to
bring forward innovative solutions to the needs
of employers.
 engage employers to make use of the existing
provision and have a flexible and creative
Customised Training
 Provides opportunity to upskill the current workforce
 For any Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) or Social
Enterprise with up to 250 full time equivalent employees
 Up to 75% of training costs available
(DEL up to 75% DEL / 25% employer)
 Recognised Qualifications (QCF) - vocational, industry
standard, professional body, online
Customised Training
Benefits to Employers
 Training tailored to suit
 Employees gain recognised
 Better skilled & qualified workforce
 Skills profile raised
 Improves bottom line
Business Improvement Techniques
B-IT is a vocational qualification (NVQ level 2&3)
Aimed at reducing costs and improving
Training is delivered in the workplace
100% of trainer costs for first cohort
Bridge to Employment Programme
Pre-Employment Training
Unemployed / those returning to work
Skills to compete for new job opportunities
Bridge to Employment Programme
 Open to employers of all sizes recruiting 8 or above
 Offers Vacancy advertising, Recruitment and selection
and Pre-employment Training
 More than 16 hours per week
 Applicants must be over 18, currently unemployed or
working less than 16 hours per week
 Training is flexible
Management and Leadership
 Management and Leadership Development
programme (MLDP)
(currently supported at 100%)
 Management Analysis Programme
(Business analysis plus £6,000 of
training support)
The INTRO Graduate Programme is an Entry-IntoManagement level initiative designed to speed the
development of graduate managers, thus helping them
become more productive within their organisations.
 4 weeks off-the-job classroom training;
 20 weeks on-the-job, carrying out a business
improvement project/personal development plan;
 Professional management diploma.
Skills Solutions - Summary
Single point of contact for employers on Skills Provision
Trained staff with a business focused approach
Dedicated geographical areas
Knowledge of DEL Programmes
What’s on offer, and how to access
Signpost to right person or information
How to get in touch?
Contact Number - 028 9090 5251
[email protected]
25th September 2014
Employer Engagement Branch
 The Employer Engagement Branch (EEB) was
established to actively engage with employers across
Northern Ireland to:
 Supply employers with clients who match their
recruitment criteria
 Deliver a customised recruitment service to meet
employers business needs
Employers Online
 Providing a high quality vacancy management service to
employers who wish to advertise vacancies on the website and ensuring that all vacancies
that are advertised, comply with legal requirements and
Departmental guidance.
 Employers can place and manage their own vacancies online.
 If they wish they can get help to register and place their vacancies
by ringing freephone 0800 3289135 or by contacting their nearest
Jobs & Benefits Office/Jobcentre.
Youth Employment Scheme
 Address youth unemployment linking employment
outcomes to skills development for economic growth.
 Launched September 2012 to help young people
compete for jobs in a difficult labour market.
 NI Executive - £31m ring fenced over 3 years.
 Aimed at 18-24 year olds who are job ready.
 Provides work experience, skills development and
enhanced Employer Subsidy.
 Focus on jobs growth (priority sectors).
YES Priority Sectors
Information and Communication Technology
Financial Services
Manufacturing (including food and drink/agri-food)
Health and Life Sciences
Creative Industries and Digital Media
Hotels and Catering (in support of Tourism)
Social Care and Childcare
YES Elements
 3-8 Week Work Placements
 Skills Development Strand – 6 Month Work Placements
 Enhanced Employer Subsidy
Work Experience Placement/ Strand
 3 to 8 week placement
 25 to 30 hours per week
 £250 grant payable to Host Company offering
placement of 4 weeks or more
Skills Development Strand
26 Week Placement
Advertised on or Client Led
Client to undertake 22 Credits on QCF Framework
Training to be sourced by and agreed with DEL Lead
Contractor (SERC)
 Now available outside Priority Sectors where
placement has a realistic Job outcome.
Enhanced Employer Subsidy
Full Time Position (30+ hrs)
Client 18-24
Wage Subsidy £5,000
Training Subsidy £750
Employer to provide equivalent of 15 credits on QCF
 For 18-24 with disability available from 16hrs per
 Open to all sectors
 Must be economically inactive
 26 wk subsidy (£40 - £75)
 Financial contribution towards in work training
Other Employment Service Assistance
 Social Clause Team
 Disablement Employment Service (DES)
Robert Preshaw, Employer Contact Manager
Gloucester House
Chichester House
Tel: 028 9025 2340
Mob: 07825140291
Email: [email protected]