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PFN Group of Companies Inc.
Our Mission
Pasqua First Nation, with unity and respect of our Traditional
Ideals and Treaties, are working towards creating an
environment that promotes a higher quality of life and a
future for all through aggressively achieving Business
Development Opportunities and Partnerships
Our History
Pasqua First Nation is located 35 miles east of Regina, Saskatchewan, located
on the south side of Pasqua Lake. Pasqua First Nation was surveyed in 1876,
two years after the signing of Treaty #4, our first Chief, was Chief Pasqua who
was a major negotiator and signatory to our Treaty.
Pasqua First Nation original territory offered timber, agricultural, and hay lands,
and in later years it’s proximity to both the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline
and Grand Trunk Pacific Branch lines offered easy access to markets for
agricultural produce.
Initially the reserve encompassed and area of 60.2 square miles. According to
Government Agent for Treaty Four, Angus McKay, the fact that the Reserve
bordered on a lake with ample waterfowl and fish stocks, which the Indians
subsisted on for much of the summer months, was an advantage.
However, as a result of land surrenders and expropriation by the Federal
Government of Canada there has been a reduction in the land base to an area
of approximately 36 square miles. The history of the Pasqua First Nation is
common to the majority of Indian bands in the province.
PFN Group of Companies
 Paskwa Pit Stop: Is located on Pasqua First Nation and has
been in operation since 2002. We are a full operation convenience
store and gas bar. We recently upgraded the facility and continue to
enhance the operation through various business practices.
 IMI Brokerage: IMI is a 100% Aboriginally owned and controlled
Insurance Brokerage Company. We are a private corporation
established to market and service insurance and financial products to
our clients. IMI Brokerage is licensed to conduct business in the
provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
IMI operates independently from all life insurance companies. PFN is a
major shareholder with IMI Brokerage.
PFN Group of Companies
 Pasqua TLE Holdings Inc: Was established in 2008 to
oversee the Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement for Pasqua First
Nation. This agreement requires PFN to purchase urban and
agricultural land with the monies settled upon within the agreement.
Total quantum acreage to purchase is approx. 39,000.
 Partnership with PTI Group: PFN Group of Companies
entered into a partnership with PTI Group in 2012. This partnership was
formed to provide a work camp for the K+S Potash Project in
Saskatchewan. This will be an 1800 employee fully operated work
camp located near Bethune, Saskatchewan.
PFN Group of Companies
 Louie Dreyfus Commodities: PFN entered into an
agreement with Louie Dreyfus Commodities situated out of Calgary,
Alberta. This agreement consists of leasing 3,000 acres of farm land for
the operation of their business. This is a 5 year agreement to be
renegotiated in 2017.
 Kinookimaw Beach Association: Was established in 1972
and consists of the following; Day Star, George Gordon,
Muskowekwan, Kawacatoose, Muscowpetung, Pasqua and Piapot First
Nations. The Association currently has 240 cottage lots and a 9 hole
Golf Course. Future endeavors of the Association is to complete a
Tourism & Recreation feasibility study.
PFN Group of Companies
 Living Sky Casino: Opened in 2008 and is southwest
Saskatchewan's newest entertainment attraction. Located on the
Trans-Canada highway, the casino offers excellent accessibility to the
million plus vehicles which pass through the area each year. The Sky
Centre, a state-of-the-art multi-purpose entertainment venue attracts
additional business and travelers to the community. The $35M casino is
a joint First Nations economic development with File Hills Qu'Appelle
Tribal Council (11 First Nations) Nekaneet First Nation and the
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. Pasqua First Nation is an
active shareholder in this venture.
 Home Inn & Suites Hotel: Is located in Swift Current,
Saskatchewan. The ground breaking for this new venture was in July
2011 and the expected completion date for the Hotel is October 2012.
This is a 80 suite hotel with an indoor pool, waterslide and whirlpool. To
enhance the services of the hotel there also will be a complete salon &
PFN Group of Companies –
Future Business Development
 PFN Group of Companies is continuously seeking Business
Opportunities within different industries, here are some future
opportunities we have are considering;
Triton Background Services – company is from Toronto, ON
Pasqua Resort Project – Initial meeting with potential Investor
Site Energy Services Inc – company is from Edmonton, AB
PFN Group of Companies is determined to make Pasqua First Nation a
leader in Business Development.
The Team at PFN Group of Companies
 President – Chief Todd Peigan
 Board of Directors:
Director – Lyle Peigan
Director – Kevin Missens
Director – Lindsay Cyr
 Staff at PFN Group of Companies:
Manager – Business Development & Partnerships – Lisa Cyr
Business Opportunities
PFN Group of Companies is always seeking to engage in new business
opportunities & partnerships. As a First Nation business in Saskatchewan we
are paving the way for the future in Business Development & Partnerships.
We have been active in Business Development & Employment initiatives
primarily in the Natural Resource Industry, and are seeking to expand into
various other industries such as: Tourism/Hospitality, Agriculture,
Import/Export and other various industries where PFN Group of Companies
could add value and contribute to overall economic growth.
Where do we go from here.....
 PFN Group of Companies is open for discussions on business
development opportunities & partnerships that will enhance the
lives of our community, surrounding communities and the
people of Saskatchewan.
 We at PFN see great potential working with industry to also
engage First Nations into entering the workforce, which will
benefit industry and the workforce shortage many are facing.
With First Nations being the highest growing and youngest
population in Canada, we see the benefit in investing in our First
Nations to bring the skills and knowledge to the workforce.
 The Board of Directors at PFN Group of Companies are focused
and eager about the current and future opportunities we are
involved with and welcomes industry to partake in future
endeavours with us!
Questions & Comments
Meegwetch – Thank You!
PFN Group of Companies looks forward to working with You!