We assert that attempting to solve the issues related to the practice

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Transcript We assert that attempting to solve the issues related to the practice

We assert that the BEST outcomes for practitioners and consumers will occur when issues related to the practice of ABA are regulated by BAs. Preserving and protecting the discipline simultaneously protects the consumer

What do we have to preserve & protect?

• Hundreds of published studies document the effectiveness of many specific, focused ABA techniques for building a wide range of important skills and reducing problem behaviors in people of all ages, & in a variety of settings..... • • .......when treatment is

directed by qualified professional behavior analysts.

Careful meta-analyses showed that early intensive ABA produced larger, more reliable improvements than “eclectic” (mixed-method) treatment or standard services.

Stanislaw, 2005) (Howard, Sparkman, Cohen, Green &

1. ABA as a distinct discipline 2. The role of the BACB 3. Problems and concerns 4. Self-regulation facts & projection

1. ABA as a distinct discipline

• • • Origins of BA Behavior analysis - distinct scientific discipline, separate from psychology and other disciplines. It originated in experimental--not clinical -- psychology, but

developed its own conceptualizations, principles, research methods, and scientific literature.

B.F. Skinner developed behavior analysis 1930s

NATURAL science of behavior

with distinctive conceptual underpinnings and research methods.

1. ABA as a distinct discipline

The Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology states explicitly that “

The BACB certifies behavior analysts


The BACB certification is NOT a psychological certification

• ....the Legal Affairs Division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs concluded that “…while behavior analysts are engaged in behavior modification, it is in a context and methodology different than that of psychologists or marriage, family, or child counselors” and

that behavior analysts were not engaged in the practice of any of those professions.

• The Profession of BA


the criteria for identifying as a distinct discipline as outlined in Ford v. Philadelphia Housing Authority.

1. ABA as a distinct discipline

• According to Shook (2007), the

greatest number

of Board Certified Behavior Analysts today graduate with a terminal

master’s degree in Special Education

, not Psychology.

• Some behavior analysis training programs reside in departments of psychology, but few college or university programs that prepare individuals for psychology licensure provide much training in behavior analysis; most provide none. Notably, a

recent practice analysis


licensed psychologists

conducted for the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards

did not include behavior analysis, applied behavior analysis, or even behavioral psychology among the major areas of training or practice.

2. The Role of the BACB

• • The BACB credentials are recognized in a variety of state laws or rules as qualifications for certain positions and/or reimbursement

without additional state regulation

. Examples: WV: legislative audit finding that

BACB credential sufficient

for public protection; Codes of state developmental services agencies (e.g., CA, FL); Medicaid rules (e.g., FL, ME); Codes of state education systems (e.g., CA, CT, LA); Most of 31 statutes requiring certain health plans to cover ABA treatment for autism

2. The Role of the BACB

• • • Psychometric


of eligible candidates


of certification based on acquisition of CEUs & good standing Options for

consumer complaints & Disciplinary

actions taken • • Develop and revise

ethical and professional guidelines

Monitor approved

university programs

• Assistance to states conducting mandatory

criminal background checks

Development/testing candidates on

local laws & rules

3. Problems & Concerns

Scope of practice Profession A (regulatory authority)

but because A can regulate B conflict exists can bill for same service

Scope of practice Profession B

competition should occasion a better product

3. Problems & Concerns

• Even with a title and practice act establishing


practice rights being under another regulatory authority is actually perpetual supervision • • • Prior to the autism insurance laws there apparently was little interest in

what we do

professionally “...if you go under [them] you will never see the light of day” Last legislative session, Louisiana consumers, advocates, and Behavior Analysts (over 1,600) strongly opposed multiple licensure bills in which the LSBEP was the regulatory authority for behavior analysts. • Byproduct of a hostile environment laden with threats.

4. Self-Reg. facts & projection

1) Coordination with BACB & State Professional Organization 2) Liaise w/ State and Local Authorities (AG & DA) 3) Part-time/Shared Staff 4) Pro Bono assistance 5) Shared Office space/expenses It might not be easy, but let the BAs do it!

It is the profession of Behavior Analysis, Behavior Analysts have the responsibility to get it right!

4. Self-Reg. facts & projection

Composition of the Louisiana State Board of Behavior Analysts

In Summary

• The Louisiana Behavior Analysis Association recognizes and respects the right of every practitioner profession to regulate the practice of its own members, within the boundaries of applicable laws and regulations. • • We assert that same right for appropriately credentialed practitioners of applied behavior analysis (ABA). We should not be required to be licensed as or supervised by members of other professions.

• BAs in our state currently practice under the rigorous standards and ethical guidelines of the BABC • • We are seeking licensure as a professional credential We strongly believe in order to protect the public we need to preserve & protect the science & discipline of BA We believe we can better achieve this through an independent licensing board