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Our Services
Perfectly blended user
experiences that lead to
increased consumer
engagement and
• Precision crafted wireframes take the guesswork
out of wireframes
• Consultative approach engages stakeholders
throughout the process
• Decades of combined expert usability and design
• Engages development teams to ensure optimal
wireframe compatibility
• Technocrat is there for you every step of the way
Our Services
World-class design inspired
by your story, built on a
foundation of innovative
• Gorgeously composed designsUnrelenting
attention to detailExpert knowledge of the latest
trendsCompliant HTML5, CSS3 and dynamic
scriptingBroadest possible browser and client
technologies compatibility
Our Services
Technocrat is a proven full
spectrum provider of
enterprise Drupal
• Enterprise Drupal Web Development
• Requirements Engineering and Consulting
• Visual and User Experience Elements
• Drupal Support and Maintenance
• Documentation and Testing
• Infrastructure Management and Migration
Our Services
Technocrat deliver expertly
engineered and managed
enterprise systems.
• Leading Edge Technologies and Methodologies
• Client Centric
• Multi-Channel Delivery
• Solid Technocrat Development Backbone
• Proven Results
• End-to-End Service
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Our Partners
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DrupalCon Sydney Sponsor
Drupal content staging and enterprise grade
deployment workflow... a single product.
Enterprise workflow challenges
Common Drupal Workflow tool challenges for enterprise...
 Changes needed to your current workflow to fit the software tool
 Little support for multiple environments
 No support for coordinated content, code & config workflow
 Requires a team to deploy changes.
 Difficult to get new ideas live same day
Flower Solution
A new Drupal Workflow solution for Enterprise that...
• Accommodates existing workflow processes with multiple environments
• Deploys content, code and or configuration changes together
• Can reduce your deployment team down to a single content editor
• Groups changes as self contained ‘Jobs’ that can be scheduled independently
“Go from idea to live in an afternoon”
Flower Workflow Process
FLOWER enables changes (code, configuration and/or content) to be deployed as self contained ‘Jobs’,
each one has it’s own independent schedule
A new Job starts with creating stand alone ‘Development Sandbox’ from a clone of the production site
Config, content and or code changes made to the Development Sandbox are now an isolated Job to be
FLOWER is able to schedule automatic deployments at set times & dates
Jobs are proposed to approvers for deployment and are accepted/rejected with comments.
Content conflicts can be merged within FLOWER. Code and config conflicts are resolved outside of the
Flower Components
The FLOWER management app is the single point of management and
is built as a Drupal distribution. Components incorporated are...
✓ Git Library
✓ Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID)
✓ Features
✓ Deploy
✓ Git
✓ Services
✓ Drush
✓ Block Entities Aren't Nodes (BEAN)
✓ Jenkins
✓ Features
A simple intuitive interface
A simple intuitive interface
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