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Mary Shaffer
Greater Cleveland RTA
Public Relations & Liaison
 General Overview
 Creating revenue & planning
 Communication & Outreach
 Employee participation
 Marketing materials
 Media opportunities
What are the Senior Games?
 Senior Olympics: 11,000 athletes
aged 50 & up
 National organization
Executive Director named in
Cleveland, temporary staff hired as
part of Sports Commission
 RTA started conversations 1.5 years
in advance, a true partner in planning,
execution and communication
It all started with a plan
 Identified funding
Bulk sales of passes ($65,000)
ODOT funding ($250,000)
 Identified existing routes to venues and
hotels; identified underserved areas
 Collaboration with SG
 Compiled communication needs
 Scheduled a table-top exercise
25,000 Guests to Cleveland
July 2013 (11,000 athletes)
“Service on RTA
was GREAT!
“Everyone was so
“I’ve been in many
U.S. cities,
Cleveland out
shines them all!”
Softball team from IL rides
 Add a picture or two
The RTA Brochure & Map
 Created map showing all transit,
along with hotels & tourist attractions
 Help visitors understand how to get
from hotel to sports venues and
around Cleveland easily on RTA
 Became the only comprehensive
MAP & most used marketing material
of the Senior Games
Brochures – The ‘Map’
Inside the Map
Other RTA items to share
 Airport Red Line has direct service to
downtown; increased frequency
 Extensive service to new Cleveland
Convention Center (inaugural event)
 Trolleys are always free; SG stop
 RTA is everywhere – here to help!
 All included on special webpage and
Communication Plan
 Offered story ideas to SG
Driver profile, photos, videos, rides
 Create map of RTA service,
integrated with other communications
 Drive traffic to our special website
 Offer help via customer service phone
 Keep all employees in loop
Getting employees excited
 8 days help needed: Staffing at
Convention Center, Public
Square/Tower City and CLE
 Communications
Cartoon panel – Floyd & Friends
Letter from CEO
 Drive them to SG website and special
page with venues & events listed
RTA staff at airport station
Working with the Media
 Part of strategic outreach in plan
Piggybacked & added RTA specific
 Involved in press conferences,
preview events: linked to social media
 Crisis communication plan created;
coordinated with general crisis plan
 Assigned spokesperson and back-up
Practice Crisis Response
 Hosted 100 person an I-STEP
(Intermodal Security Training
Exercise Program) tabletop exercise:
invited venues, universities, hospitals,
FTA, TSA and state officials
 Practiced transit related scenarios
 Brainstormed other possible
scenarios & appropriate response
Lessons Learned
 Start early; structure a plan
 Collaborate extensively and often
 Take the Lead
Without our Map, 25,000 visitors
would have nothing to hold in their
hands going around downtown
Gay Games in Cleveland this year!
More Information
RTA Public Relations
Mary Shaffer - 216.566.5211
[email protected]
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